The Final Tribe Called Quest Album

The rumors are true! Q-Tip has personally confirmed the upcoming release of the last Tribe Called Quest album that will ever be heard. In a handwritten note he promises that the tracks are all brand new joints with nothing transferred or recycled, which is significant in that it is the late Phife Dawg’s final offering to the world of Hiphop music, in it’s original form. With 18 years since their last studio release “Love Movement”, this highly anticipated and culturally important album which is scheduled to release this Nov. 11th, comes at an important time to the world of Hiphop. The culture seems to be at a crossroads where the sounds and definitions of what Hiphop has been defined as are being modified or disposed of in favor of more commercial pursuits. It is a perfect atmosphere (and the only time) for Tribe to break the almost 20 year silence. To remind the heads of yesterday and to introduce the possibility of new ones for today. What real Hiphop is and how it can stand the test of time like any other classic group can from another musical genre. ┬áThis group in particular is synonymous with the best sound from what many argue is the pinnacle and peak of what Hiphop had (and still may) become. Even to the present day the name Tribe Called Quest invokes in many the feelings and emotions associated with the golden era conscious Hiphop of the 90’s and early 2000’s. While this era of Hiphop and its artists are being ridiculed by new artists and portrayed as obsolete by certain media outlets, barely two decades after their masterpieces, this may be what gives Hiphoppers of all ages the context to reflect on what it means to mature and grow while still maintaining the spirit and dopeness which inspires so many across the world. Once again for the last time!

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