The Get Back – Black Collar Biz (Album Review)

New Jersey emcee Black Collar Biz recently dropped his sophomore effort “The Get Back” on August 24, and did not disappoint. The album is an emotion filled rollercoaster from start to finish, touching on growing up in a rough environment, dealing with hate, and enjoying the fruits of success. Biz dropped an album well worth listening to.

“The Get Back” has a surprising and refreshing amount of range in production, which makes it an entertaining experience for the listener. From the rainy day, gloomy sound on the 2nd half of “Lesson Learned” to the jumpy, hard bass sound of “Nobody”, Biz shows off a capability to switch sounds from track to track, a rare talent in the landscape of today.

Beyond the production, Biz has a great lyrical ability that shines on every track. He is able to fit in every pocket of the beat, and still not give up any quality in the lyrical department. Biz is able to paint a vivid picture of his surroundings and upbringing, and when trying to express his inner battles and pain, you feel it like it’s yours.

The features on the album also did not go to waste. Often times, features on albums aren’t necessary and end up not being enjoyable. On “The Get Back” though, the long list of features all fit well and do their job. Wasting no bars or being there for no reason, the feature list (with names like Dame Dollaz and Sy Ari Da Kid) does a great job with serving their purpose and being easy to listen to.

Overall, “The Get Back” is a great, cohesive project from start to finish. No filler tracks, no wasted bars on any track, solid production, and above average performances from every feature equate to a great choice for Sleeper Album of the Year for 2018. Check out the tracklist below, and be sure to stream “The Get Back” on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.


  1. The Get Back Is Amazing ft. Dame Dollaz
  2. Loaded ft. Benjamin Scott
  3. LuhMyHatas ft. Tarantino
  4. Lesson Learned ft. Kxtina B
  5. All Day ft. E. Automatic, KV, Camille, Jay Munna
  6. Cost You ft. Cmon
  7. Nobody ft. Tucci, Sy Ari Da Kid, Tez
  8. In The Way ft. Toni Lynn, Will Kasso
  9. Did The Sun Go Down

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