The Profound Premiere of Wiki: No Mountains in Manhattan

Patrick Morales’ invigorating dexterity and tone have elevated his voice into the conversation of New York hip-hop. Since splitting from his group “Ratking” in 2015, Morales a.k.a. Wiki has released two individual projects. The newest album shows how Wiki exerts his multidimensional range of abilities.

No Mountains in Manhattan

Wiki’s confident cadence firmly plants him within the discussion of prominent New York artists. “No Mountains in Manhattan” dropped on August 25th in coordination with XL Recordings.

NMIM encompasses the city as a theme for this setting based, metaphor driven, lyrical machine of art. No place in the world can compare to the epicenter that is New York City.  With interpretative lyrics, this artist terrifically details nuanced encounters and scenarios.


The city provides a focal point for this album, as Wiki supplies explicit sounds and samples that are augmented by original lyrical engagement.

Wiki speaks for those who experience disjunction as a byproduct of living in New York. His music combines sonic production with meaningful lyrics. Wiki fuses sounds that define his legacy and symbolize the strength of sheer will and purpose.

Wiki has traveled far and wide, yet he remains mostly underground. As long as the content is genuine, fans will undoubtedly converge toward music they prefer to stream, regardless of popularity.

This cohesive body of work portrays an impressive collection of songs that exhibit intensity. Wiki’s unfiltered tactics and reactionary anecdotes bestow grand appeal upon his role as an artist.

“No Mountains in Manhattan” explores and encapsulates honest-to-God New York imagery. The album fully represents the city as a ‘cauldron’ of cultural ideals and original contemplation. Through reflection and rumination, Wiki concocted a timeless record.

By melding the past with the present, Wiki unites New York’s physical landscapes with ultimate wordsmanship. Clearly, the patience and delivery exemplified throughout NMIM mirrors that of a cinematic production. This album reveals itself more upon each listen and details the physical and social landscapes of Wiki’s New York tenure.

To hear how Wiki expounds his metaphors and city circumstances, check out “No Mountains in Manhattan” on Apple Music.

Scribe: Ian Romaker

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