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I explained how the future of the music industry will be greatly affected by music streaming services, in which we talked about services such as Spotify and Tidal. Today I will share with you an app I recently started using, that I’m having a lot of fun with so far. Introducing (drum roll in the background) “Undrtone” . Undrtone is a social media website dedicated for the sole purpose of music sharing. It works (resembles) just like Instagram, with the difference is that you are posting songs instead of photos. You can pull tracks from either Soundcloud, Apple Music, and

Spotify (if you have Spotify premium), and post them directly into your timeline to share with your followers. I think this could be an incredible tool for upcoming artists who are trying to build a fanbase. So far I have seen artists using platforms like Instagram and Facebook to try and post their music. Only thing is, not everyone wants to use these sites to see upcoming artists post music. I’ve known people to even unfollow certain people because they feel their timeline is being spam if an artist is too aggressive with their music postings. With Undrtone that certainly won’t be an issue because that’s exactly what’s it’s made for. A safe haven for music lovers LOOKING for new music, therefore users are more susceptible. So download the app today, and stream away my friends.




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