The RZA unveils new vegan leather wallets

The creator of the Wu-Tang Clan and longtime vegan has announced the release of vegan leather wallets (made from pineapple leaves) in the latest addition to his 36 Chambers Menswear line. Citing animal cruelty first and foremost as the reason for developing these animal free wallets, they are also sustainably produced and leave less of a footprint on the environment than their traditional counterparts. The common misconception of leather is that is simply a by-product of the slaughter of cattle for meat but in actuality 10% of cattle slaughtered are strictly for the purpose of making leather.

Back in 2009 RZA wrote in his autobiography “The Tao Of Wu” “I have a life, my flesh is alive…why should I eat something that’s dead?” and this seems like a natural extension of this outlook, and is a sign of Hiphop’s maturing consciousness in the world beyond music.

Find out more about the wallet and how to purchase it by clicking the link below.


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