The True Preview for 2018

We are now one week into the new year, which means that we’ve had time to digest 2017 along with all that holiday turkey, and can now fully immerse ourselves for what’s to come for Hip-Hop in 2018. Last year was very interesting to say the least, and even with all the drama and rumors, there was an abundance of music that was released. Most of the rap game biggest names all drop projects in 2017. However there were a few more projects we were still waiting for that we thought were dropping at the tail end last year. Maybe those projects will find their way as a 2018 first quarter release. With that being said, let’s highlight some releases we’re excited about, and speculate (fantasize) about potential projects that would make 2018 a great year for Hip-Hop.

King Push”– Pusha T

I know I know, we’ve been waiting for this for more than a year now, in fact I know I’ve been hype for this since the release of his debut album, “My Name Is My Name” back in 2013. Pusha is one of the dopest Mcs in the game, and I stress the word emcee. There has been a lot of hype around this project, and obviously a lot setbacks in regards to its release. Even still it looked like the album was definitely coming out last year, especially since label mates Big Sean, and Cyhi the Prynce both dropped critically acclaimed albums in 2017.  G.O.O.D Music was shaping up to have somewhat of a mini takeover. Kanye is producing the album, and supposedly the reason why the album hadn’t drop as of yet, being the perfectionist he is. Still the word is that “King Push’ will definitely drop  in 2018,  I just hope it comes early. It’s always dope to hear Push snap on anybody’s beat, when you add the fact that its Ye beats, that’s just cruel. “So help us God”.

Speaking of Kanye….

Any Kanye Project,

Would make this year dope. . I say any because it doesn’t matter if it’s a solo project  or a compilation or joint project with say a Kid Cudi, which was rumored after pictures of the two in the studio surfaced on the web. Whatever the case, we know,  or at least we think we know that Kanye is working on new music. We heard the story about how he lock himself in a studio, in a mountain, in a place very far far away to create new music. And why this sounds very Kanye like, I have no choice but to believe that whatever he has cooking will be fire. Besides, it’s about time we hear from Ye. The Life Of Pablo was released in 2016, and Kanye has basically been nonexistent “musically” since. Plus a lot has happened in the man’s life since thing, and we as fans would like to hear him touch on some of these issues. I keep thinking about the last album Ye released when he had a lot of ammunition to talk about,,, it was his best album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. I can’t wait to see what’s next. “ALL Hail The Perfectionist”.


Drake is on the clock??

Drake is another hip-hop heavyweight who’ve had a relatively quiet 2017. Yes, he did release a project “More Life”, which he dubbed as a “playlist” (whatever that means), but the project seemed to have run out of steam shortly after its release. More life, in my opinion was a step up from “Views’ but it still fell a little short from what you would expect. Plus, just ok is not good enough. Rather Drake knows it or not, or wants to acknowledge it or not, but he is no longer top “dawg” in rap, something he normally boasts about in his rhymes, that title belongs to Kendrick. Each Kendrick release seems to get better and better, while Drake hasn’t really release anything that has topped Take Care. Speaking of, the next album is rumored to be called Take Care 2. Although in music it seems that sequels never match the original, I think Drake is motivated to make a classic, and if he and producer Noah “40” are really locked in, then it very well shall. I’ll be watching for it for sure.


Time to show and prove…

Cardi B and Joyner Lucas

Both of these artists have built tremendous buzz for themselves last year. Cardi was arguably the breakout star of 2017 with her anthem Bodak Yellow, and a couple of standout guest features. Fans are waiting to hear her debut and see if she can solidify herself as one of the premier  acts in the game. As far as Joyner, I must admit, I really just  started checking for him after he dropped  the visuals for “I’m Not  Racist”. That’s what happens when you drop controversial, and  intelligent social commentary; you attract new eyes. And all these new eyes are watching for an official release from Joyner, to see if he can move himself into the conversation of upper echelon emcees. 

Those are a few projects that I’m hoping to see. Of course it will also be interesting to see if Migos can stay hot this year, Culture 2 is said to be a first quarter release. Will 2018 also be the year that we get the solo Migos albums? And maybe, just maybe, 2018 would be the year we get the Kendrick & J.Cole collaboration (fingers crossed).   


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