TheBoyMaca Releases Visuals for “Blade Runner”

The Boy Maca makes his debut with a music video to his first single “Blade Runner,” an anthem captivating the essence of a hustler’s ambitions and the dangerous street life that permeates these “blade” strips.

Directed by Cassius King’s media company, ImproVized Productions, the enthralling visual features the rapper riding in a Tesla Model X with the falcon wing doors swinging up as he proclaims “This ism ain’t new to me, check out my jewelry, gotta
keep tool on me, n
** ain’t fooling me, let a young n* preach got it all out the streets.”

Maca has been behind the scenes for a while now making moves as a brand ambassador for Convict Cash, a platform used to send money online to inmates in Los Angeles County Jail. He has also helped publish several Chicago Red books like Pimp Life: Part 1 all while he was behind bars a couple years back.

Now he has set out to make a difference in his community as a financial consultant and leader for many of the same people who have fallen victim to the prison industry. The Pasadena native hopes to use his music as one of his many business strategies to give a voice to the disenfranchised stating,

“It’s a revolving door! Everything is set up to where it’s a lot of bullshit in the game, and for it to be set up like that, it has to be a political paradigm to entrap and ensnare my people. So I also think there’s a place where I can help my people.”

The Boy Maca is currently working on his debut project “Chapter 4: Convict Cash” which promises to keep a very in-house player production with features from Wayne G, Go Mack from Above The Law, and Diar Lansky.

He has also released a teaser to his second single “KOBE” which you can find HERE.
Check out the new video to “Blade Runner” below.

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