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For the starters, let the people know where TheVoice is from and what you are about.

Peace and Blessings. I am TheVoice and I am from Denver, Colorado. I am a Hip Hop Emcee and I’m all about love, peace, unity, power and truth; Truth in all of its manifestations (good, bad, beauty, ugliness etc).

How did you get your rap name and what does it stand for?

I’ve had my rap name for years. It is just a name that I decided to take on after peers referred to me as “TheVoice of Rap” while in high school. I later in life legally changed my name to TheVoice.  The name TheVoice represents “the voice within that is seldom heard”.  Meaning as an artist I first and foremost write and express what is true for me from my own personal experiences and beliefs. The name TheVoice is a reminder of inner knowing, optimistic insight, conscious thought, holy spirit if you will. The overall purpose for TheVoice, in addition to the things mentioned, is to be the voice for those who may not have a podium to be heard and/or for those who may be afraid of their allowing their voices be heard.

What was the first Hip-Hop song you ever heard and what did you love about it?

The first Hip Hop song I heard was “The Message” by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five. What I loved about it was the beat and “the message” and how the lyrics were delivered with clarity and conviction.

Who are some of your musical icons or inspirations and why?

Some of my musical icons and inspirations are the greats from the 60’s and 70’s: Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Gill Scott Heron, Natalie Cole, Isaac Hayes, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Billie Holliday, Minnie Rippleton, Bob Marley, Nina Simone,  (just to name a few). I am inspired by the “soul” and the “content” in their songs.

How did you get started in this music business and what is your goal?

I started rapping while in high school. It started as just plain fun, battling and free styling. Then I began to perform at local talent shows, festivals and events. After consistent exposure, I was approached by individuals who were at a more professional level in the music industry, (promoters, producers and managers). A family member of mine was a music promoter in Las Vegas and invited me out to Vegas after graduating high school and introduced me to the larger level of the industry (touring, radio, record companies/labels etc). Presently, my overall goal is to be successful with my music on a international spectrum. I intend on creating classical pieces, touring and working with some of the hottest producers in the game that I like and admire. I also intend on working with some of the hottest artist as well. I am more of an underground artist so I am looking forward to collaborating with some underground artist as well as mainstream artist.

Do you have a concept for your career, something like a master plan?

The only concept/masterplan I foresee is just remaining authentic in all that I do while continuing to pursue this indie journey.

What are you currently working on? Is there an album in the works we can look forward to?

I am currently working on an album. However, I am wavering on the title. 😉

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your career?

I think my biggest accomplishment so far in my career is when I released my first album “No Gimmick” and also the newly release Ep “World Wide” as an independent artist and label.

What’s it like being an indie artist in today’s oversaturated urban music industry?

It’s a challenge because most artist signed to a major label (with the exception of Chance the Rapper and a few others) are mainstream artist and they are what’s “trending”. In this oversaturated urban music industry heads expect you to be and sound like whoever is “trending” so if you are indie and not mainstream you can be over looked. Most indie artist strive to hold on to their authenticity, that’s what the independence is all about among other things. I don’t want to be like anyone else in this industry no matter how successful he or she may appear. Even so, the flip side of being an indie artist can be rewarding because honestly most indie artist are different and most music listeners are tired of hearing the same ole same so they are digging for something different and refreshing.

Who are some of the artists you’re listening to right now?

Kendrick Lamar, J- Cole, The Roots/Black Thought, Rhapsody, Dead Prez, Jidenna, Amy WhineHouse, Damian Marley and Galimatias

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2017 and in the coming years?

You can expect to see and hear more from me.

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