Curvy Chick Fitness CEO Charity Lynette, whose weight loss programs have helped countless women of all ages start moving on their personal weight loss journeys, reached out to Chilli of the world famous pop trio TLC, after hearing her new single “BODY” and asked if she would be interested in issuing a worldwide Challenge. Chilli who has been very outspoken about living a healthy lifestyle, thought it was a great idea and they joined together to present the “BODY Challenge”. Beginning Wednesday, May 18th and ending June 11th, the goal will be to encourage women all over the world to preserve their health by simply just moving their body.   Charity Lynette and Chilli feel that the Challenge is a way of raising global awareness about women getting and staying healthy.

For Ms. Lynette, being a “fit curvy chick” was a deeply personal endeavor, which began when her mother passed away at a young age because of “unhealthy living”.  This, says Charity, “was the inspiration for me to change my lifestyle”.  Where she once tipped the scales at over 300 pounds, Ms. Lynette has since lost 125 pounds and her workout regimen has helped celebrities such as Hip Hop icon Roxanne Shante and “Millionaire Matchmaker” reality TV star Robin Kassner embark on their own weight loss odysseys.  For most of Ms. Lynette’s life, she was overweight, despite playing high school and college basketball.  With the untimely death of her mother foremost in her mind, Ms. Lynette undertook to live a healthier lifestyle, dedicating herself to assisting others to improve their health, as well.  Ms. Lynette continues to work with hospitals and health fairs across America to teach women “that although we all have curves, healthy curves are what we want.”
The Challenge will be built around Chilli’s energetic new single, BODY, which “is my way of encouraging people to get active,” Chilli explains.  “I love Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign that’s geared towards children, but I wanted to do something that encouraged women, especially Moms, to start moving.”  Self-care is of paramount importance for today’s women, Chilli observes, noting, “So often women focus on everything and everyone else, and forget to make time for themselves.  I want BODY to be a motivator for people, especially women, to get up and get active”.  Ms. Lynette also underscored the important role BODY plays in the Challenge.  “This song should be the next anthem for women.  I hope women take away from the song and routine, that you only have one body, and you have to do your part to take care of it,” Ms. Lynette stated,  “I would love to see women of all shapes and sizes starting a movement, declaring, ‘It’s My Body!'”
Women everywhere can join the Challenge by downloading Chilli’s single BODY, and creating a one-minute video or less of themselves or a group of women dancing, walking, working out, or just moving to the song.  These videos should be posted via Instagram, and include the hashtags #BODYbychilli  #fitnessforyourcurves #PlusICanMove  
To get the ball rolling, Charity Lynette and a group of her plus-model friends Tyiesha Dorsett, Ashley Hilton, Michele Hilton, Ask Mocha and Claudia Ph made the first video in the Challenge, which can be viewed at .  These ladies felt it was essential to begin the trend, dispelling the myth that plus models “don’t feel the need to work out or be healthy”.  Each video will be posted and highlighted on the @curvychickfitnessofficial Instagram Page, with surprise shout outs from Charity, Chilli, and other celebrities who are lending their support to the Challenge.  During the Challenge random post will receive exciting opportunities and fabulous prizes throughout this groundbreaking campaign.
Chilli suggests a graded approach to fitness that works with each woman’s individual comfort level.  “If you are starting out and can’t do an entire workout video,” Chilli says, “commit to doing the three minutes of the song.  It’s a great place to start.  Once you can do those three minutes, you keep building up to more, and add that to a clean diet, and your lifestyle and health immediately starts to improve.” 
You can download Chilli’s single, BODY, by visiting  Discover more about Charity Lynette and Curvy Chick Fitness by visiting

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