I Got Next: TRUE raps with Atlanta’s own, Runway Richy

1) Where did the title for your new project “China Cafeteria” come from? What does it mean to you?

China Cafeteria is a landmark where I’m from in Decatur GA. It’s so many walks of life that come from there. Everybody has a different story. Single moms coming there to feed her 4 kids with $20, Local hustler coming to get a $3.45 plate and get back to the trap or even the working man who just need an affordable meal. Im just telling some of theirs and my stories. I named this one 2.5 because with all the stuff I went through from the accident to learning to walk again, to performing on crutches and every other obstacle. I felt just calling it part two wasn’t enough. So I give it just a little more push lol.

2) Were studio sessions with Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, and FKi different from each other? How so?

Well actually I only recorded in the studio with SauceLord Rich of Fki. Zay and Metro I got production from them emailing me. Being in the studio with Rich, you never know exactly what you’re going to come up with. With Rich you just have to be open and trust his process.

3) What is the difference between the projects “China Cafeteria”, and “China Cafeteria 2.5”? Was there a difference focused for both?

China Cafeteria was more for the people. It was more of me telling Eastside stories of where I’m from. 2.5 is more about me, its more personal. The record, Made It Happen, came from me having to fight all odds to make everything happen, where “Win” comes from me beating the odds and actually walking again and still alive. Alive not only from the accident, but overall in life, the risks I’ve taken I’m either supposed to be in jail or dead.

4) What was the hardest part about learning to walk again? What advice would you give someone going through that?

Just the whole part of learning how to actually walk overall. Like standing up and just falling because you can’t put weight on your legs. Advice would be don’t google anything (it will drive you crazy), work hard, keep them percs near lol

5) Give us your top 5 favorite tracks of all time. 

Made it happen feat Trae da Truth

Switchin Sides feat Gucci Mane

I’ll Be There

Keep Getting It

Awesome feat B.o.B

6) What does Runway Richy consider success in the music industry? 

When financially I don’t have to take penitentiary chances to make ends meet. This my only way out

7) Do you think your near fatal accident changed your music style or process in any way? How so?

No, it didn’t change my music style. The inspiration for this project did come from the accident and the emotions I went through. From fake friends switching sides, to trying to make ends meet from a hospital bed to performing on crutches against doctors’ orders. The accident I feel inspired my best work to date.

8) Did you ever think about quitting rap during this period? What kept you focused?

Oh, no. This music is my best chance to live a completely legit life. My daughter, Kylie, is what kept me focused

9) Which major artist do you think deserves a hip hop biography movie next? Why them?

Master P. Master P changed the game business wise. I think his story about coming from the projects, inheriting 10k into a record store and eventually changing the game. Sounds very entertaining

10) What do you want people to take away from your music?

My wins and my losses. I want people to celebrate my wins with me and learn from my losses

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