True Magazine Chops It Up With Rapper/Director/Producer Skinny About Music Scene In Saudi Arabia, Working With Timbaland, Directing His Own Videos, Working With Skeme, & More

-You were born in Saudi Arabia. How long did you live there before coming to America?

Yup, born in Riyadh, lived there for pretty much half my life.

-I read you were a big rock fan growing up and that you took liking to rap in Jeddah. Is this where your inspiration came from? Also, what’s the music scene like in Saudi Arabia?

Yeah I was a big rock fan, still am actually but lately I’ve been in my own world. I stumbled on a Tupac tape and it was wonderful. Hip-hop/rap is special, it’s more than just music. I love it till death to us part. Not so sure about the music scene in Saudi right now but growing up it all genres was pretty much big. We didn’t have too much access to music so whatever we could get our hands on.

-What was it like working with Timbaland? How did that connection come about?

Timbaland was great, was years ago tho, haven’t seen him in years, but it was very inspiring. This girl I knew was friends with him and when I played her my music she took me right to him and I ended up playing him 14 songs before he jumped on one of the beats and it was a real crazy night for me.

-Ghetto Disneyland-your first mixtape. What’s the inspiration behind that title?

Get-to- Disneyland, I love Disneyland and everything about it. Walt Disney is an inspiration and I plan on being as big as he is one day.

-You wrote/self-produced this mixtape if I am not mistaken?

Yup pretty much, except 2 songs, living like and spaceships.

-You self-direct most, if not all, of your videos. How is it having creative control over your video(s)?

It’s great having creative control in everything I do. I’m a visual artist and I’m very hands on with everything I do. It’s a real passion of mine.

-Let’s talk about your latest single “R$CH.” How did the collab with Ace Hood and Skeme come about?

Skeme came thru the studio to record living like, another song on 1999 parachutes and u know I’m a Skeme fan, so when he finished recording his verse to living like, I put on the R$CH beat right away (laughs). It only had a hook on it and I hadn’t recorded my verse yet, but he heard the track and just off top went in the booth and blessed me with another verse. Then a few months later Ace was in town and came thru and blessed me a verse. Ace is a great guy, great positive energy. He just dropped starvation 5, its fire.

-If you could work with one producer for an entire album/mixtape, who would it be and why?

Kanye West. I think Kanye is someone who would really understand and appreciate the music I make. If you know him tell him to hit me up, haha!

-Have you considered directing videos for other artists?

Absolutely, I’ll be directing lots of videos in the future. My email already nuts right now. Soon as I get some time.

-Word of advice to any other upcoming artists?

Don’t rely on others. Try to do it yourself and keep working hard!!

-Anything else you would like to say/add?

Life is short. Be happy. Love yourself. Don’t worry too much. Don’t care about others opinions. Keep hustling and spread love. God knows the world needs it more than ever right now.

-How can fans get hold of you?

They can reach me on Twitter/IG
My snapchat poppin too – skinnysmalls
and for some ear porn

Thank you True Magazine. God bless y’all

Interviewed by: Simone Grant

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