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Wane Enterprises CEO and New York artist Bruse Wane presents “Venom”, featuring the late Sean Price and Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers. Produced by Kloud Nine Music, “Venom” is the newest single from Earl Manigault Of Rap, Bruse’s new album out now on Wane Enterprises. Wane recently leakedManigault single “Yuu” (listen). Bruse previously collaborated with the Price (watch the music video for “Beast Inside”) and Keith Murray (listen to “Return Of The Spitters (RMX)” featuring Keith Murray and Fam-Illy). A native of the Bronxdale Houses Projects in the Soundview section of the Bronx, Bruse founded Wane Enterprises in 2001, hosting events featuring Styles P, Papoose, N.O.R.E, Buckshot and Remy Ma. Bruse says the new album is “for the Hip-Hop lover – those that know what a Hip Hop album is supposed to sound like. Fresh, dope and innovative. I locked in and just touched all bases. Salute to everyone involved in the project, and to the Hip Hop fan all I can say is Enjoy!”

What’s the music scene like in the Bronx? Who would you say is on top and who should we look out for to come up?

The music scene in the Bronx is competitive, and filled with lyricism. Right now without doubt Chris Rivers is leading the pack for rappers coming out of the BX, Right now, and of course yours truly. My man Fam-Illy is a name thats bubbling too, be on the look out for him.

What is the difference you would say between music coming out of the Bronx, as opposed to other boroughs and east coast cities? For that matter, what about the west coast? 

I can’t really say there is a stark difference between the music coming out the Bronx as compared to the other boroughs. New York period is known for being the home of lyricism, word play and wit. The east coast in general especially the north east is known for having rappers with dope bars. Philly got some cats that always kill on the mic too. You do have some east coast cats trying to sound like they are from somewhere else in hopes of getting signed though. I love the West coast shit NWA, Snoop, Dre, Game, Kendrick, I mean that west coast sound is official. The west coast definitely got some lyricist.

I love your “Batman” tie in, he’s everybody’s favorite vigilante — can you explain how you that concept came to you, what it meant to you? 

My family name is Bruce if you come around my family from my Grandmother down you will hear them call me by the name Bruce, so thats no gimmick. The wane came along when I got into promoting and it suited that fast paced flashy New York City night life. I change the spelling replacing the c in Bruce with an s, and dropped the y in Wayne, and bam there you had it Bruse Wane. The Bat Man was born. As time has passed to me the use of that name ” Bruse Wane” has come to kinds symbolize rebellion and vigilantism within the industry on an artist level..You know not conforming to what the industry does but doing what I feel is authentic and falls into the realms or real Hip Hop culture. I have had people in past be like what kinda name is that it would not even sound right on the charts. Screw them though..yeah I’m a bit of a rouge agent with an allegiance to one thing authentic Hip-Hop.

Earl Manigault Of Rap, I love that too, I remember that movie on him, touching story—what made you go with that for the title?

Man it’s just how I feel.. like I would be considered one of the greats in this rap thing if I got my shot earlier. I ain’t fall victim to drugs like Earl, but I definitely fell victim to alot of industry politics bro. I’ve sat in meetings with A&M, Def Jam and Universal Records, and it was always the same out come. Your dope but we need you to sound like this guy. I was involved in a few startup labels, but things would just end badly. It took a long time but it was clear I had to forge my own destiny and get it done myself. I represent that nice nigga that never got on. That dude that listens to the radio and be like that’s some old bullshit they playing. That motherfucker that’s like fuck these fake ass award shows.. laughs.. I’m your homie and the bullshit stops with me.

What was it like working with Sean Price, may he rest in peace– as artists, our work in this world will always live on– how does it feel to have him on the track “Venom” on your new album? 

Well it wasn’t the first time I worked with the God. We collaborated on a remix to my song “Beast Inside” about a year ago, and that was a banger. Naturally I wanted to get him involved in my new project and I did. P was a good dude man and real easy to work with. I hit him up about laying a verse for my album the same night he was heading to the studio to put the final touches on his project” Songs In The Key Of Price”. He hit me back like two in the morning with the finished verse and of course it was dope. We spoke about getting a video done for the song and me bringing him out to my next show that was scheduled at the end of August. A week later in the early am hours I got a text on my phone. It was from my man that’s pretty much connected with alot of industry folks. I read it and it said “did you hear? Sean Price died.” This was before it hit the media. Man, I was tight. It was a sad moment for Hip Hop for real. I’m extremely happy and fourtunet I got the last offering from the Barbarian on my album. God Bless his family.



You’ve worked with a lot of great artists and been involved in a lot of events, what would you say were a couple of most the notable people or projects you have been involved with that had an impact on you? 

Wow, it’s so many. I had Keith Murray host one of my companies mixtapes some years back, and that was dope. We had a good time rocking in the studio. Kool Keith is also a great guy. We rolled to the world premiere of “The Art Of Rap” together, the flick funded and narrated by Ice-T. It’s too many bro… I mean Chuck D is a great dude, Buckshot… good peoples. So is Styles P and N.O.R.E.

Out of the whole album, what track best represents where you are at right now?

The Gifted. that’s the song that closes out the album, and thats definitely were I’m at right now. That song signifies my confidence, maturity and artistic growth. It’s also has me flipping off a few of my nay sayers. I had that Muhammad Ali I’m greatest oozing out of me on that track. The song also puts the fans and industry on notice that the best is yet to come from The Bat Man.

What do you want listeners to feel or have insight on when they finish listening to the album ?

That I’m for real. I’m the real deal, I’m an all-round artist, I can bring it anyway I want and do it dope no matter what. Hardcore, conscious, street, party.. whatever. To me that’s what makes a great artist – someone that can do it in all categories. I want them to feel like Hip Hop is alive and well. I want them to feel like how they used to feel back in the day when they heard a great album like “damn.. homie went in.” This is a classic. I want them to crave more.

You’ve been in the business since before internet and social media –how much influence would you say social media has had on how you do business? The good and the bad of it?

Before the internet? Damn.. you got me looking real ancient right Social media is great. It bridges gaps between the artist and the fans. It’s also a limitless tool when used by savvy artists. Never before could you operate so freely without the hooks or dependence of a traditional record label. The bad? Well, slander runs rampant on the web. One pissed-off guy or gal could go on a tirade on any brand. I still say it’s the best thing to ever happen to artistic freedom, to the dismay of the traditional gatekeepers.

I know you must be excited about the release of the album, what other projects do you have going on or coming up? What can we be looking out for?

Hell yeah ! It’s a grueling process and a rewarding one though. Grueling for me because I’m such a perfectionist. Lyrically I’m always trying to raise the bar. I hate mediocrity. It feels good to drop my contribution into Hip-Hop music and culture. Especially when it’s appreciated by the fans. As far as upcoming projects I will be pumping out alot of visuals from the Earl Manigualt release and maybe some remixes. I also plan on heading back to the lab and start working on my “The Batman Should’ve Been On That” mixtape. Yeah, I will be putting the flame to some classic Hip-Hop beats for y’all on that one. “The Dark Knight Album 2” may also be on deck.



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