TRUE Magazine Interviews Red Prodigy and speaks about “1UP” their Hit song

How did you all meet? Where?

Richie Branson & Rosebudd grew up together as cousins. Meanwhile, during their teenage years, Yung Mavrick & Richie Branson formed a music relationship. From there, Yung Mavrick introduced Bambu to Richie Branson, thus completing the Red Prodigy family.

Where did you get your nickname?

Rosebudd: The nickname “Rosebudd came from the American Pimp Rosebudd Bitterdose, whose views and understanding of life showed quite different. He wasn’t your everyday pimp, he was more of a philosopher of faith.

Bambu: I was given this name (Bam) as a child because I loved the Flinstones and (Bu) came from the girls. Thus creating the name “Bambu”

Richie Branson: I named myself after billionaire “Sir Richard Branson”, who owns Virgin Airlines & Virgin Mobile. I pattern my work ethic and goals after him and wishes to one day be the “Sir Richie Branson” of the music world.

Yung Mavrick: I received my name at age 16 because it described my “against the grain” ways. I’m a “Mavrick”, I do my own thing.

What were your favorite rappers as kids?

Rosebudd: My favorite rappers include: Pimp C the Great Chad Butler. He is the one responsible for me expressing my true beliefs. Biggie the Notorious B.I.G. Bar none, his extraordinary word play and talent for storytelling. Devin the Dude the Hometown Hero. Most important, he was very relatable to the everyday life. He was partially raised by his mother, grew up slick with his nephew.

Bambu: As a child, my favorite rappers were 2 Pac, DMX, Hot Boyz, Nas, Juvenile, and Scareface because they spoke about real life.

Richie Branson: My favorite rappers were 2 Pac because of his passion, Jay-Z because after his wordplay and flow on Hard Knock Life Vol. 2 and Notorious B.I.G because he’s a mixture between the two. He had command on records.

Yung Mavrick: Rappers that I respected as a child were 2 Pac, UGK, Outkast, and Biggie because each of them stood for something deeper than just lyrics.

What made you guys want to be rappers?

The love for music stemming from upbringing and passion for writing poems, as well as, the fulfillment of instrumental to masterpiece made us want to become rappers.

Where did the inspiration for “1 UP” come from?

It was a collaborative effort. It stems from the term of putting a “sweet” in the air. Richie shot over the idea and made the beat. Mavrick came up with the hook and first verse and it came together after that.

What are your songs about? How do you feel when writing them?

In our songs, we bring about some sort of backbone that brings about social awareness or some sort of push that unifies the people by speaking about what people can relate to. For example, Songs like “I Hate My Job” or “Ozone” are songs that people think about all the time, but it’s not always put out there in the mainstream.

What has been the biggest challenge for you guys as a group?

Music comes easy as pie, so the biggest challenge was at the beginning. Getting four separate individuals on one accord, as success prevailed.

What makes your group’s music so different from others?

We are not a group, we are a production house. Our music is different because of the individualism within the faction. We all bring something unique to the table. Even if we talk about something common, our point of view is different.

What genre would you put yourself in?

Red Prodigy’s genre would be considered Mainstream Hip-Hop. However, Richie considers himself to be an innovator, he always finds ways to take himself outside of the box, thus creating his own genre classified as “Nerdcore Hip Hop”.

If you had the chance to change something about the music industry, what would it be?

If we had to change something about the music industry, it would have to be the status quo and the way that the industry treats their craft.

Where was your first performance?

Our first performance was August 22nd actually at the “1 UP” video release event. The event was held at one of the most exclusive clubs in San Antonio – Coco Lounge.

What has been your worst nightmare as a group? How did you get through it?

Thank God that we haven’t seen that worst nightmare yet.

What is the message that you are trying to send to your listeners?

The message that we are trying to send to our listeners is to be strong in self-beliefs. Express how you feel. Mean what you say. Do what you please. Judge yourself and only let God judge you.

What do you think that listeners will get out of your music?

Through our music, we feel that listeners will get realness and the truth, along with lyrical content realistic to today’s society.

Where do you, as a group, see yourself in the next 5 years?

Red Prodigy as being the force of the game. Also, continuing to show people what our production company is really capable of.  Whatever God has destined for us.

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