TRUE Magazine introduces Mississippi’s own, Woodrow

Woodrow is the Voice of the Mississippi Delta!!! Hailing from the Heart Of The United States, Woodrow is Destine to a be a Landmark on the Pedestals of Hip Hop!Born on the Gravel Roads of Indianola Mississippi (Birthplace of B.B. King) in a 1 Room Shack in the BackWoods, Raised in Ruleville Mississippi (Home of Fannie LouHamer & Jimmie Rogers), Blood of a Slave & The Master. His Extraordinary Biography is best fit for Theatre but his poetic nature compliments music. Life in the Mississippi Delta is littered with Drugs, Oppression, & 21st Century Jim Crow. Woodrow had to adapt quickly to the trials of growing up in that region. From Elementary to High School, Woodrow’s Academics excelled though life at Home was Turmoil. Domestic & Gang Violence, Lack of Daily Rations, Juvenile Court, Drug Abuse, & etc,

” I jumped off the porch early. It was more love out there in them streets for me than at home. Hustling, Playing Females, Hitting Houses, the Whole Nine. I can remember Picking Pecans, even Aluminum Cans as a Youngster, Anything for the Dollar!” says Woodrow. ” I really didn’t have a pot to p*ss in my early years. I’m a 80’s Baby & we still had a OutHouse… Grandparents were Sharecroppers & Mama had me in High School, so I know how having nothing feel, thats why it feels so good to get Something!”

Woodrow reflects overcoming theses obstacles and his life’s accomplishments with a very honest  & versatile delivery, dominating flow, logical lyric with distinct vocal composition that is sure to please the listener. Woodrow is the Front Runner of Block Market & The MouthPiece of the Mississippi Delta! Country Boy Flavor With A City Hustle!!! CHING


Woodrow: #IGotNext


Woodrow – “All Eyes On Me” Featuring Tone Yates
Woodrow – Rocky Balboa Promo


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