TRUE Top 10 Female Verses for 2017

1. SZA – Love Galore

Done with these niggas, I don’t love these niggas
I dust off these niggas, do it for fun
Don’t take it personal, personally
I’m surprised you called me after the things I said
Skrrr, skrrr on niggas (yah)
Skirt up on niggas (true)
Skirt down, you acting like me (yah)
Acting like we, wasn’t more than a summer fling
I said farewell, you took it well (true)

2. Azealia Banks – Chi Chi

Hear my Lexus purr, I just crept to jers
Got genuine leather interi and my texture fur
Icy bezel, I’m freezy and my necklace splurge
Watch me run up on them niggas with that tech and burst
Now niggas wreck their dough for my X and O
La Perla provocateur lace, I feed ’em sex and blow
Chi Chi got it from some gualas in Calexico
Click-c-click, blam, you be next to go

3. DJ Khaled – Wild Thoughts (feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller)

I don’t know if you could take it
Know you wanna see me nakey, nakey, naked
I wanna be your baby, baby, baby
Spinning and it’s wet just like it came from Maytag
White girl wasted on that brown liquor
When I get like this I can’t be around you
I’m too lit to dim down a notch
‘Cause I could name some thangs that I’m gon’ do

4. Tkay Maidza – Glorious

Watching their eyes glow bright green
Go ‘head and talk your talk
Me and my team, we just float
We sit above the flock
Built our throne with all your stones
We’re planning for the fall
We’re dancing on the wall
Till we rule it all

5. Missy Elliott – I’m Better

He say I’m hot, I’m so fuego
Pull up on him in my vehicle
He say I’m pretty, I’m pretty
You must be from Brazil, it must be from México
Roll up on him in my Lambo
Jump out like skrrrt, yeah bro
You need a chick like me to make you wanna leave them other broads, you don’t know nann hoe

6. Nicki Minaj – No Frauds

Aye yo, throw your wrist-es up, all my bitches up
These niggas is pussier than what? All them dicks is up
All my real niggas down to ride, throw your GSXRs up
I ain’t in the projects, but all my bricks is up, rrrr
You can’t be Pablo if your work ain’t sellin’
What the fuck is this bitch inhalin’?
I woulda helped you out that pit you fell in
I am the generous queen! Ask Ms. Ellen

7. Princess Nokia – TOMBOY

With my little titties and my phat belly
I could take your man if you finna let me
It’s a guarantee that he won’t forget me
My body little, my soul is heavy
My little titties be bookin’ cities all around the world
They be fucking wit’ me
I’m a Calvin Klein model, come and get me

8. Keke Palmer – Wind Up (Feat. Quavo)

I don’t pull up, Uber came to get me
Flash bulbs everywhere, paparazzi sic me
I guess I owe everythin’ home to my viddy
Pardon me if my eyes kinda low, I can’t see ya
So tell ’em stop bitching, and motherfucker listen
Since 9 years old, I been in the kitchen
Family gotta eat (eat), that mean I gotta get that cake
And I ain’t sittin’ down for no nigga, feel me

9. Lady Leshurr – Juice

Look, it’s a sad day
They’re behind like a last name
They ain’t got the bottle no champagne
Swerve on a hater, fast lane
Get smoked, no ashtray
Back at it again, back ache
It’s going down, sad face
Them gyal are bitter, bad taste
With your bad breath
Don’t take shots like a cam lens
Old school, way back when
Killed everything, past tense

10. Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

If you a pussy you get popped
You a groupie, you a opp
Bet you come around my way
You can’t hang around my block
And I just checked my accounts
Turns out, I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich
I put my hand above my hip
I bet you dip, he dip, she dip
I say I get the money and go
This shit is hot like a stove
My pussy glitter as gold


Errol Ott

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