U-God hits RZA with 2.5 Million Lawsuit

Yet again the Rza finds himself entangled in a legal battle over unpaid royalties, and yet again the lawsuit comes from U-God. Over unpaid royalties….yet again!. The Abbot is no stranger to lawsuits and accusations of financial mishandling from other clan members. Ghostface won a lawsuit a few years back and U-God has been filing lawsuits since 2004. Cappadonna has also publicly complained about not receiving his share on multiple occasions. This time around Golden Arms is suing for 12 years of unpaid royalties and a bi-annual payment which he claims is owed on contract and has never gotten. Fans worried about the Wu breaking up need not worry however, as U-God has stated that it’s just business and not personal, unlike the last time where he described Rza as “the Devil” and released a DVD detailing his position in “Rise of a Fallen Soldier”. The Wu-Tang internal drama continues as it has for years, with the group always seeming able to put aside their differences to make a few mill on the road, or to release controversial one copy albums auctioned off at 2 million to heartless corporate pharmaceutical lobbyists, who raise the price of life saving medicine to unaffordable rates. Dolla dolla bill y’all!!

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