U.K. Drill Videos Have Appeared On Pornhub Due To U.K. Policy

The British government has had a target on the back of U.K. Drill music for a long time, and finally made a strike. Claiming that drill videos and music (very similar to the genre made popular by Chief Keef earlier this decade) have led to a rise in gang violence and crime in South London, the U.K. government has put an online bounty on drill artists.

Most of this started back in November 2017, when drill group 1011 was arrested for conspiracy to commit violent disorder, because of their knife-toting, “violence threatening” videos. They have since been banned from making music or performing without the permission of the police or court system. In May, the government requested that YouTube take down 30 videos from U.K. drill artists and groups, part of this online ban. The makers of these videos have decided to take their business elsewhere, posting them to PornHub, as an act of defiance and way to showcase videos to a larger audience. There is no word yet if these uploads were official or if the artists will be compensated by Pornhub, but as news comes out it will be right here on TRUE Magazine. Check out a song by the group in question, 1011, below!



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