Vada – For The Savior Challenge @VadaRealMC

Social media strikes again! The #ForTheDChallenge and #ForThePChallenge is no secret as everyone from Sanaa Lathan, Issa Raye, Cardi B to a police officer in New York!

Well, South Central rapper Vada joins the challenge and adds a slight twist to it. Seeing as he’s now a minister he’s ‘Doing It For The Savior’ or ‘Doing It For Messiah.’ Check the video & lyrics out below.

See I do it for the Savior, Minister Vada the playa.
Yea dat baby still a gangsta but for God I’ll watch my anger.
Cancelled tours, turn down business, I don’t do it for the paper.
But I still kick it wit flavor make a foot stool out a hater.
Like Yay-yuh, pray fa, a sinner like me.
You do it for D&P, 1 year later no longer speak?
And you won’t do it for God I see it’s hard to believe.
But Marks scriptures was written around 45 A.D.
So don’t let folks say it was written late I put this on my mama.
If they say “bibles white mans religion” trust they’re not a scholar.
Tacitus can vouch & he’s not Christian – sho’ not in the Bible.
Look it up its off the rocker Jesus Christ is no imposter.
So I do it for Messiah do it for Messiah.
Disciples got tortured because they said they seen him rise up.
I don’t think they’d DIE for something they know KNOW’S a lie bruh.
So now my souls on fire. I do it for Messiah.

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