Vans’ Opening Ceremony serving us with Plaid

Vans’ are many people’s favorite go-to for just about any style or outfit. You can be Boho-chic, you can be skater, you can have an urban twist to your style, you can have a posh look and you will still find a pair of vans to match your look for the day. It is why Vans has not and probably will not ever go out of style, at least not for a very long time.

The Vans’ Opening Ceremony is giving us festive retro vibes. You can feel nostalgia slapping you in the face just by looking at them. They represent a very 90’s/ retro aesthetic and the print is perfect for the upcoming holidays: Plaid. Lots and lots of Plaid. The retro skater shoes have rubber outsoles with the option of Red plaid or Green plaid.

It is called the Lampin “Plaid” Pack. The release for these will be on Friday, December 1st and retails for $95 USD. You can take a step back into the 90’s by purchasing these kicks either online or in stores, Friday.

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