Vicci Flame – Good Energy

Some artists are blessed with the gift of music; some come upon it later in life. Vicci Flame is one of few artists who is simply born with raw talent, and when you hear his music, it all just makes sense. Flame recalls beginning his musical career at age 16 years old, which quickly became a truly pivotal time in his life. The singer would come up with beats in his head, and he knew that it wasn’t just a coincidence. When the time came to make a choice to buy his own car or studio equipment, he made a necessary decision in order to advance his career. This alone showcases his maturity as an artist, and willingness to take any risk to be successful. Vicci Flame’s path was laid out in front of him, and there was no denying that this journey toward greatness was pre-destined.

If his evident maturity wasn’t impressive enough, Vicci Flame is completely self-taught when it comes to making music. That’s right- everything he has mastered, from writing lyrics to producing his own music, he has learned how to do all on his own. “I learned how to produce and mix from that point on. I taught myself how to do a lot in the industry, which is something that makes me who I am,” said Vicci Flame. This rings true, as there aren’t many artists out there like Vicci Flame. When it comes to making music, the artist is focused on many aspects, but always finds himself honing in on one thing. He repurposes hip-hop and RnB in a way that makes him stand out from the rest. In his words, Vicci Flame’s music is “everything that hip-hop and RnB should be.” And, after listening to his music, you’ll quickly agree with this. It’s safe to say Vicci’s flame isn’t being extinguished any time soon.

Check out his latest, “Good Energy,” and stay up to date with him on Twitter, Instagram, SoundcloudSpotify and his website.

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