I Got Next: Diverse Character

Damon Jeremiah Washington also known as Diverse Character (DC) , is a In-
die Hip Hop Rock Pop too Diverse to Classify Artist & Songwriter, Performer

and Entertainer born December 26,1992 in Trenton, NJ. Damon’s hometown
did not offer much support for the performing arts so at the age of ten, his
mother, tired of Trenton, NJ, a working class poverty stricken hood with the
crime rate rising , moved Damon to the suburbs of Yardley, PA , a middle
class suburban town full of predominately white wealthy people, where he
would reside until graduating from High School. So who he was to become

was a matter of choice and he choose to take the best of both uniquely differ-
ent cities and became DC (Diverse Character).

As the years progressed and new experiences and opportunities presented
themselves, so did Damon’s taste in music. Damon would later go on to fall in
love with and experiment with not only Hip-Hop but Pop, Techno, R&B and
Rock within his music. Damon is inspired by many artist before him such

as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Michael Jackson, Nas, Creed, DMX, Lupe Fias-
co, Tupac, Kanye West and Drake solidifying and molding his name DIVERSE

Character. He is currently working on project that are as intense and unique as

his name.

“As Time Changes” sounds like a manifestation of Damon’s next few years, and if thats the case, be prepared to see a lot more of this 25 year old Emcee.

Check out his full length project Fell for Paradise now!

To stay up to date with Diverse Character and his next release follow him on Instagram.



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