I GOT NEXT: Nazdaq Brixx (BX Native)

Being from the BX what songs and who was your music influences?
KRS ONE AND BIG PUN because they had lyrics and flow that can have you thinking for a good while.

Ok I read somewhere that you left Wall Street to focus on your dream what made you make that life changing decision and how has it been since?
I still do work in the corporate world still but as an consultant. but I also wanted to rap since the age of 16. it’s been good but I still have the wall street mentality when it comes to music and business which is Mediaboy International Group Inc.

Lyrically give us some bars to allow us to get a sample of your style and flow and then break down your style and your subject matter in your songs?
I said if your girl is the baddest/ I gotta have it/and make her live lavish in a palace/ but bumping malice is a challenge/ I just like to be simple but creative at the same time…..I have all different types of subject matters in my songs. it depends what mood I’m in.

What type of tracks won’t you rhyme on?
Gangsta rap because I’m not gangsta

Being that it’s the end of Hip Hop for 2012 who do you feel stood up to their word on delivering some good music and who feel off?
Wiz Khalifa because he was consistent but to me Ludacris feel off

How do you plan on standing out from every other BX artists and sound?
Being myself and talking that wall street language

You did a show with Funk Flex in NYC at the China Club did Flex drop the bomb on it and how was the reaction of the party-goers and Flex?
Yeah and the crowd was loving and feeling the music.

We have to ask you this being from BX, do you feel that Fat Joe got a hold of Big Pun rhyme book to excel the way he’s been rapping since the great passed?
Laughs…No comment but I don’t think so….

Where can we check out your mixtape FROM THE BRONX TO WALL STREET at?datpiff.com and most online mixtape outlets and itunes also too.

What are you bringing to 2013 for Hip Hop and why do you feel that way?
A new creative and innovative side to the game. because people only think one dimensional when it comes to making music.


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