5 Great Hip-Hop Influenced Movies

Hip-Hop has had a huge impact on the big screen, and has influence many movies. The following list is some favorite Hip-Hop influenced movies. We didn’t include iconic films such as “Style Wars“, “Beat Street”, and “Krush Groove” as we acknowledge these are classic films documenting the birth of the culture and deserves to be in a class of there own. The movies on this list are not rank in any particular order, and  don’t necessarily have to be a biopic, all that matters is the influence from the music and culture. So here we go:


  • Get Rich Or Die Tryin

Loosely based on 50 cent’s life and rise into the rap game, this movie exploded onto the scene the same as the album which sports the same name

  • DOPE


Executive produced by Pharrell Williams, DOPE explores the struggles and triumphs that the current Hip-Hop generation faces.

  • Hustle & Flow

The name says it all, another movie that has aged well over time, and looking at the success that Terrence Howard & Taraji P Henson went on to do together with the smash series Empire, Hustle & Flow seems to have laid the foundation down for that.

  • 8 Mile

This movie has become somewhat of a cult classic amongst hip-hop and rap fans. 8 Mile came out in the prime of one of raps greatest lyricist career. Just like his comrade 50 cent, 8 mile is also loosely based on the life of Eminem and his struggles pre- rap fame. The freestyle battles at the end of the movie never gets old.

  • Straight Outta Compton

The Movie I’m sure thats still fresh in the public’s mental. Straight Outta Compton documents the rise of the West Coast major power hip-hop players. Must see!

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