50 Cent Physically Threatens French Montana: ‘I’ll Make It So His Mouth Can’t Work’ [VIDEO]

Did the minor spat between 50 Cent and French Montana just take a turn for the serious? That’s the way it appears in a newly posted video by the G-Unit rapper. Published by Doggie DiamondsTV, the short clip shows Mr. Cent threatening the Bad Boy artist, and he said French better refrain from talking about him. The harsh words came after the “Don’t Panic” rapper spoke about 50 during his interview with Hot 97 last week. He didn’t diss the Queens N.Y. spitter, but he did take a shot at his vodka company. “Did you ever see somebody in the club with an Effen vodka bottle?” asked Montana during the interview. “I feel like 50 is a marketing genius. He took it away from making music to selling vodka. He’s doing the same technique. We’re just having fun with it.”

Here’s how the “Many Men” rapper responded: “Frenchie better stay with my name out of his mouth,” warned 50. “I’ll get tired of hearing him, and I’ll make it so his mouth can’t work. Dead a– serious.”

He also told Montana to keep out of his beef with Diddy and let the Bad Boy mogul handle his own disputes. “When I’m talking to Puffy, I ain’t talking to you, n—-,” said 50. “Your name is Puffy? When did he change his name to Puffy?” Meanwhile, rumors continue to swirl about French dating the lovely actress Sanaa Lathan. During his Hot 97 interview, he told Ebro that he’s enjoying the single life now and just having a good time. “I am not denying nobody,” he said. “All I am saying is I am just having fun. That is all I am trying to do. I am not trying to be caught in the box of anything. I just want to have fun.” You can see the rest of French’s interview . You can also see 50’s recent comments by clicking on the Doggie DiamondsTV link above.

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