Behind the Music: All Def Digital

All Def Digital is a popular web video and media platform that works along side many Hip Hop artists. All Def Digital produces original programming and supports and nurtures artists and cultural influencers of all kinds, comics, writers, directors, actors, poets and musicians through its multiple outlets, including a record label, television and motion picture development group, artist management group, and deep partnerships with full service creative agencies. The company was started by the legendary Russell Simmons in 2013.Last year, Russell announced the launch of an in-house creative agency “ADHD” to help brands appeal to younger audiences. According to the All Def Digital website, “ADHD” is All Def’s internal creative studio, specializing in strategic and creative solutions for brands looking to leverage the cultural power of Hip Hop. Our teams of brand strategists, creatives, producers and directors create bespoke content and campaigns that answer brands’ market needs, and help them become an authentic part of culture.”

Russell believes that Hip Hop is unique in the sense that it has more branding and marketing power than any other form of music. There’s a new wave of “genuine content” that advertisers are trying to take advantage of because most of today’s youth are able to spot bullshit when they see it.

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