TRUE Lyrical Bars: Billy Bang from NY with “Kickin’ Game” (Reviewed)

With the West Coast hip hop scene heavy with the club bangers and “turn up” music, Billy Bang is a breath of fresh air. Bringing in real, authentic, and diverse lyrics, he represents the East Coast with his grimy feel and versatile sounds.

Playing the role of a rapper, actor, producer, and engineer, music is still his number one focus. He draws from influences such as Wu-Tang, Nas, and Jadakiss, all the cats from the “golden era,” he calls it.

In an exclusive interview with True Magazine, we sit down with Billy to discuss his music and what he hopes to accomplish.

“I try to make myself as universal as possible,” Billy states. “I am who I am. I am from New York. I do have my own… that regional kind of swag and aura. But at the same time, I like to touch on things that make you relatable to every place. No matter where you’re from, speak to a certain type of audience.”

We asked him to describe his music, and he simply responded “versatile.”

Born Anthony Maurice Clark from Lefrak City Queens, NY, Billy represents someone who realized he had to get out of the streets in order to make a name for himself. He takes on the name “Billy Bang” in light of his father, who was murdered when he was just 17 years old. His music represents the struggles he went through to get to where he is now. This includes his life between the streets, school, and music.

“I had to go outside of what I had, cause what was around me was hopelessness. So that’s my inspiration to others… See that somebody came from that element and that negative atmosphere, and get your way up out of it! I represent the hope of the food, faith of the streets, no sleep, grind everyday. Ya heard!”

Billy releases his brand new single “Kickin’ Game” as he is on the rise for the coming year. His thirst and passion for music and life shines through his music and words.

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