Bragging Rights- Did they study the Dominican scene for that swag?

The Spanish remix is nothing new. The way the singles and beats circulate you can bet there is a latino version to all the latest songs out now. Songs like “Trap Queen”, “Coco”, and (of course)”Panda” all have their Latin American counterparts. Check “Llegue yo”(All the way up -in spanish) by Mozart La Para or any of the other emerging remixes of that song poppin’ out here by the dozen. American artists obviously set the trend for the artists out here to follow. Of course. Big names that generate the fame and fortune are obviously gonna influence the sound and fashion. They provide a blueprint for artists in other countries to follow and gain recognition quickly. In the case of the Spanish remix, it also opens up the material to a whole new demographic that couldn’t connect with the meaning previously, with the language barrier making it so that only the production was felt. Not to say that there is no originality in these regions or with these artists. The Dominican Republic itself has a very distinct genre of street music called “Dembow” with it’s own hybridized Hiphop inspired look. The similarities between the the fashion here and in the US are undeniable. It might be the same as with the remixes in that it is the American influence that inspires the look. Perhaps in this case it is the reverse. It might just be that instead of Dominican style being influenced by the US its the other way around. Mozart also has a recent single out called “Primero Que Kanye” which means “Before Kanye”. The song is not a call out or diss to Kanye West. He simply states in the chorus that he had his shoes and look before Kanye did. Maybe when looking for inspiration big names like this could be studying what’s going on in the other parts of the Hiphop world. Perhaps now just for fashion but don’t be surprised if some production trends that originated here become integrated. In the future we might just even get the English remix of the latest Latino single without even knowing it’s original. Unless we study!

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