Cardi B owns How many pairs of “Red Bottoms?”

“These expensive, these is Red Bottoms, these is bloody shoes.” Everyone’s favorite part from the ever-so-popular song Bodak Black by our favorite, Cardi B. Cardi B is inspiring in so many ways. That around-the-way girl from New York with the attitude, sass and drive to keep climbing up to the top.

Speaking of the Top, Cardi B is the second female rapper to make it #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 due to her hit song, Bodak Yellow. There’s hardly a day that goes by that you don’t hear someone bumping her song since this summer. It’s October now and we’re still turning up to this song.

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So let’s talk about these bloody shoes of hers. Just how many pairs of Christian Louboutins does the rap star have, exactly? 5? 25? 45? What do you think?

Well according to her stylist, Kollin Carter, back in May she had around 50-60 pairs. Yes, yall, 50-60 pairs! Can you imagine? But that was just May. As of recently, according to her stylist, she has over 90 pairs of Christian Louboutins! OVER NINETY PAIRS! She purchases a couple pairs every two weeks to add to her collection.

It only makes sense that Ms. Bodak Yellow has her closet stacked with her favorites. She did put it in the most popular verse in her most popular song after all. But did she know she’d come this far? There’s a chance she might have or at the least manifested it?

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Rocking Red bottoms in the Bronx is more than just showing off style. It means you made it. Before the release of this song, she was wearing them letting everyone know that she will make it. And she did. Kind of funny how all of that worked out. She’s ideally a walking Hip Hop Cinderella Story and the Red bottom shoe fits perfectly. We can guarantee Cardi B will continue to make her mark not only in the music industry but the fashion industry as well.

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