Champion Chuck Releases New Mixtape Dumbbells Vol.1

Champion Chuck is the new face of Urban Fitness. Never has real hip hop been flowed into the lifestyle of bodybuilding until Chuck combined the two cultures to create his own lane. If Young Jeezy brought you Thug Motivation, then it is without a doubt; Champion Chuck brings you Anabolic Ambition. Many ways of life from Gospel, Hinduism and even Country customs has developed their own way of musical expression.It is only right for the weight room to have its own voice to be uplifted as well.

This is the first ever Hip Hop mixtape dedicated for those who love the house of Iron and the life that it brings. Even new likes such as Big Rob, Hurkeles and Kali Muscle are creating new gym music for people. Get use to this the new movement called “Fit Hop” which Chuck is planting a seed to grow into a powerful empire in the years to come.

Get the mixtape Dumbbells Vol 1. For Free Here.

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