Diverse Character – Fell For Paradise (Review)

Hailing from Trenton, New Jersey, Diverse Character released his sophomore album Fell For Paradise on July 15, 2018. This marks his first release since 2015, his album Golden Memories. While his first release was independent, he has since signed to Lonely Road Ent., which distributed Fell For ParadiseThe cover art for Fell For Paradise is striking, and serves as a perfect representation for the content of the album itself. Picturing DC with an angel and devil on two sides of the door, being held back by the devil and encouraged by the angel, it very much captures the deeper meaning behind the album. Diverse struggles with lost friendships, past struggles, love, and people not being there for him, the album is essentially a personal diary put into music form.

Fell For Paradise begins and ends with two poems that fits the theme of the album throughout. The angel speaks in the beginning on the track “Decade”, detailing the discovery of his passion, and what seems to be the start of a career. The final track, “What It’s Worth” seems to be from the devil’s point of view, explaining the pitfalls of fame, and how no amount money in the world can get you true happiness if it is not already there. With the lines “No matter how nice the car was..you can’t drive it when you crash. Doesn’t matter how gorgeous the girl was…when the money runs out, poof, she vanish”, Diverse Character gives the listener a peek into the life of fame, and how quickly these things most people view as important will expose themselves as superficial and unimportant.

Starting the album off with a bang, “Grew Numb” is a look back into the early life of Diverse Character and how life was more simple in those times. “Remember we were young, remember it was fun, thought we would never grow up, but until we grew numb” is a sad, but true feeling shared by many. Adulthood and real life smacks you in the face, wishing you were young again with no care in the world. “Colors” brings the pace up a bit, and speaks on how he was once struggling, but “now I can afford a Rollie”. “Resort Island” is a standout track from the album, dealing with snakes in the grass and waveriders. “Now I feel like its fuck em, I’m done even tryin, Ima resort to an island”, all the lying and praying on his downfall makes DC want to just get away to an island by himself, not having to worry about anything. “Runaway” has the only features on the album, with guest appearances from Black Mike and Prince Dev.

Overall, the album carries a perfect sound to go with the essence of the lyrical content, with light piano keys floating and swirling all around the album, giving you a sense of reminiscence and nostalgia. Being transparent and truthful about his past struggles is what really made the album work, and Diverse Character’s conversational storytelling is something not found often in today’s sound. Listening to Fell For Paradise was like hearing somebody tell you about their life story, and makes the album an easy, thoughtful listen. The poem at the beginning starts you off with a hopeful feeling going into the album, just for the tracks to lead you into a rude awakening in the end, with the striking closing to the album. Fell For Paradise is a diamond in the rough, and is most definitely worth your time and attention.


  1. Decade
  2. Grew Numb
  3. Down Bad
  4. Colors
  5. Ring Ring Ring
  6. Candyland
  7. Gang Go
  8. Love Paradise
  9. Resort Island
  10. Runaway ft. Prince Dev & Black Mike
  11. Use To Be
  12. Was It Worth It

Standout Tracks: Resort Island, Runaway, Down Bad

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