Everlasting Bars from Your Old Droog

At the inception of his musical journey, Your Old Droog received countless comparisons. The most interesting theory pitted Droog as an undercover alias for Nas. Due to similar inflection many struggled to disassociate with the inclination that Nas and Your Old Droog were mutually exclusive as two separate entities. These comparisons grew into compliments as the Ukrainian-American artist revealed his legitimate persona.Your Old Droog’s evocative lyrics distinguish his content from his counterparts. His approach captures the cohesive and atmospheric nature by which he has developed according to his circumstances. Your Old Droog promotes conversational and self-deprecating content. A humble soul, Droog maintains a balanced homeostasis throughout the fulfilment of his obligations.

“Still write rhymes like they gon get heard by Sean P and Yambo” (Litt 15)

Prior to newfound popularity, Your Old Droog audibled from his nickname, Grandma on Drums! This man originated in Coney Island and appreciates iconic cultural programs such as Seinfeld and ‘80’s Basketball. His pseudonym stemmed from, “Nadsat” which became fully utilized throughout the course of, “A Clockwork Orange.” Nadsat operated as a bastardization of Slavic slang and ‘Droog’ directly translated to ‘friend.’ This man has definitely carved his lane as a recognizable and empathetic individual.Droog interacts with the element of assonance which yields a stream-of-consciousness flow that doesn’t always require syllabic rhyme. Clearly, this unorthodox artist venerates the art of storytelling. Upon listening to tunes by Droog, it would be wise to become familiar with the rewind button. This “rap revivalist” considers his punchlines to stand amongst the likes of Big L and Kool G Rap.

Droog’s mystique grew upon the Nas assumptions that listeners made. Seemingly, Mass Appeal propagated this idea through a similar anonymous approach to posting Droog’s song, “Nutty Bars.”

The byline read, “Who is this guy? None of your damn business! Just enjoy the music and stop asking questions.”

Lack of information, clever delivery, and lyrical mastery cemented Droog amongst contemporary New York visionaries.

Your Old Droog’s vocal capabilities range in terms of timbre. Meaning, this artist efficiently differentiates between pitch and intensity. There are a variety of vocal features possessed by the artist that proclaim excellence and superior expertise.

Intonation functions as one of the key components to Droog’s vocal accuracy. Modern artists tend to fill vocal space with ad-libs, but Droog steers clear of ‘filler’ material. Rather, he prefers to exert intonation to connect his trademark raspiness with fluctuation of accentuation.

As a “self-aware slang slinger” Your Old Droog’s presence captivates countless city slickers. His productive presence explores the historical implications of lexicon. Through virtuosic analyses, Droog displays a keen devotion toward the area he’s from in accordance with the destinations he is bound to encompass.

Composed by: Ian Romaker

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