Faking The Freestyle: When Real Spit Is Anything But Real

Rappers, there seems to be some sort of misunderstanding about what a freestyle is. Let’s go on ahead and clear that up! Because some of you are out here in these hip hop streets behaving badly and it must be addressed.

If you are asked to do a freestyle…that means that you have been asked to rhyme off the top of the dome. You are supposed to be spitting what comes to mind in the moment.

However, some of y’all seem to think that freestylin is regurgitating the rhymes that you wrote last night on the menu at IHOP. Umm no!

So, if you show up at Sirius/XM and go not just on the radio but on camera for a “freestyle event” it is assumed that you have the ability to not only kick a freestyle but to do it in the dopest of manners. You are not supposed to cheat and use your notebook or phone etc.

However, a certain rapper did just that on a recent episode of “Sway In The Morning” and he got busted!

Take a look at the video below to see what we mean!

Oops! Now see! You can’t conceal your phone behind the water bottles and think it won’t be called out! Rapper Troy Ave is being embarrassed all over the internet right now for doing what he should never have done. He showed up unprepared…woefully unprepared at that.

How anyone goes to “Freestyle Fridays” and doesn’t at least have their rhyme memorized if they are going to cheat and not rap from off the top we don’ t know! But if you get caught, be prepared for what comes next.  In this case the Hip Hop firing squad is awaiting! And if you call yourself a professional out here and get busted in something so amateur…then you have it coming!

We can’t heal the culture until we raise the bar back up guys, so props to Sway for snatching those bottles and revealing what we all should have been able to see. There is no more time for this “fake it till you make it” mentality in Hip Hop. Either be a pro or get out of the way for the next artist who is. It’s simple.

Better luck next time Troy.


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