Kalan.FrFr – “Thug It Out” Review

Kalan.FrFr is the newest rising star coming up out of L.A., and proves why in every track. Providing a refreshing take on the soulful, bouncy sound L.A. has been so known for lately, you can hear the hunger and strive for greatness in every track.

“Thug It Out” is no different, showcasing his ability to be so multi-versatile while still keeping the sound of the music new and exciting. With bouncy, feel good production provided by YoRittchie, “Thug It Out” is a prime example of what Kalan is capable of artistically. The track still stays true to today’s L.A. underground sound, but still keeping a twist and different element to it, something not a lot of artists can pull off.

Speaking on his worries and problems now that he built a name for himself, Kalan speaks on what it’s like to come up and have people rooting on your downfall. It’s an introspective, deep song, but with Kalan floating over the bouncy, feel-good production, it perfectly disguises itself – and it works. Check out the video below, and keep an eye out for Kalan going forward.

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