L.A. Rapper ILL Matt Talks Opening Up For DMX, His Crew DeadHeadz, Not Glorifying Violence In His Raps, And More…

1.) For those who don’t know, who is ILL Matt? Likes? Dislikes? Favorite artists? Etc.
-ILL Matt is candid . Very straightforward . I do what I want . Say what I want and I’m real .

Dislikes-The current state of which hip hop is in, I feel like it’s lacking substance, there no true messages. I’m not saying every rapper is weak but some stuff I just can’t vibe with.
Another thing I do hate is the systematic oppression that young black males go through on a daily basis, everybody seems to ignore it like it doesn’t happen.

One thing I do like is that I do see a lot of my people waking up and becoming aware of the things that are going on. I also like to learn new things. I’m open to reading and gaining knowledge, because I feel like you can never have too much knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Favorite Artist: Tupac, Nas, and Michael Jackson

2.) When did you realize music was your calling?
-Ever since I was little it was just in me to write raps. I’ve always had a loud voice. My oldest brother really showed me how to structure songs though.

3.) Tell me a little about DeadHeadz?
– Deadheadz is my crew . It’s a whole new generation under me that I’m building up so expect a lot from DHDZ in 2016.When I say that I’m a “DeadHead” it’s basically just anything that goes against what I stand up for, anything that isn’t positive in my perspective, it’s dead to me . It doesn’t exist . I’m deadHeaded.

4.)I read you chose to not bring up topics such as violence in your music even though it has been prevalent in your life. Tell me about that decision. Also, what “genre of hip-hop would you classify yourself in?
-The genre I will classify myself in is reality rap, because everything I rap about, I’ve either been through it, seen it, did it, or somebody I know close to me has experienced it.

5.) Tell me about your 2014 show with DMX. What was it like opening for him and how did this opportunity come about?
-It was actually my second show I ever did, it was cool, it was a lot of old heads in there but I had em rockin….

6.) What gets you in the “performance mode” before hitting the stage?
– I make sure that i pray and drink hot tea. Cant afford to lose my voice on stage ha.


7.) What do you think about today’s hip-hop scene?
-First and foremost I think the scene is Weak and VERY FAKE. Everybody sounds like each other. Everybody is trapping or rocking the latest designer shit. I ain’t saying its bad to be fly but thats not what HIP HOP is about. I’m tired of hearing niggas brag. Some mainstream MCs are holding it down though and i salute them for that.

8.)Any upcoming shows or performances to look out for?
– I have big plans set up for the summer. So stay tuned.

9.) Musically speaking, what can we look forward from you this year?
-I’m dropping my 2nd Mixtape in July ” South Central DeadHead Vol 2″ produced by my right hand man Tre Fresh. Its gonna be deeper and better . It’s almost done.

10.) Anything else you want to say/add?
-Thank you for taking the time out to interview me . I appreciate it a lot ! Shoutout to True Magazine . Special shootouts to my boys Tre Fresh , CT , My DeadHeadz and Beast Up brothers… RB I LOVE YOU BRO !!!

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Interviewed by: Simone Grant

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