Mixtape: SpaceGhostPurrp – B.M.W. (Black Man’s Wealth) EP

@icemackp #BMW #RVIDXR – SpaceGhostPurrp comes out of nowhere and drops this EP titled from the 80’s lingo for B.M.W. (Black Man’s Wealth) for his fans, the “RVIDXR KLVN”. Check out the 13 track tracklist then take a listen or download the mixtape. Tell us what you think?

1. B.M.W.
2. Rep FLA (Flawda)
3. Rep Dhat (feat. DoughDough)
4. No Trouble (feat. Nell)
5. V.I.P. (iaintworryinboutit)
6. Po’up
7. Wholelatta Ice
8. Strip Club Still Stickin
9. Cum & Git Yuh Some
10. How She Moan
11. Steelo Ice
12. Swervin
13. K.O.D. (King Of Diamonds) (feat. Simmie, DoughDough, Chris Travis and EthelWulf)

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