New Music: E.M.S. (En Masse Sodality) “Got To Give” ( Premiere)

E.M.S. (En Masse Sodality) is comprised of P$A (Primetime Silver Age), MAI and LG and their bond dates back to elementary school. The Jersey crew has been making moves as a unit since 2008, earning stripes, cultivating their following and steadily climbing the ranks the old-fashioned way—rocking shows!

Hip-Hop in the 21st Century has painted vivid pictures for fans, some well received and some tossed away. Although listeners and tastemakers alike have different preferences within it, a common paradox of “Authenticity Versus Art” has always been apparent. E.M.S. has sought to transform this paradox into its conversion and commingle the best of both worlds.  E.M.S. sets out to do just that with their debut LP, A.O.D. Vol. 1, (A.O.D. being an acronym for ‘Age Of Discontent’), which will be released on 11-13-2014.

Engulfed in originality, A.O.D. Vol. 1 is an excellent introduction into the group’s many styles; their views on the world and a personal look into their life. ‘The Age of Discontent’ represents the life and way of thinking that is often hidden in today’s society and gives an in depth description of the many vices in life that make the world turn—and helps you better understand what the media portrays isn’t always reality.

E.M.S. “Got To Give” Premiere Link:



E.M.S. “Primary Fabrics”

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