Sour, Sweet, Gone. That’s Life! An Insider Look On Melchizedek From SOURLife

S: The moment my best friend (Pierre Hughley) who was a huge staple in SourLife passed away. It was devastating to us all but through our musicals and spiritual bond we find ourselves even closer than before, and through that is how he lives on.

TRUE: The acronym for SOUR(Surviving Our Urban Reality Life) can have a positive and negative connotation. Being aware of our reality can be sour, but how do you find the sweeter things in life and translate that through your music?

SOUR: Some of the sweeter things in life for me is family and knowing that they’re my support and foundation in the times I may [feel discouraged]. My music a lot of times is a vessel for pre lived and manifested desires that all make me who I am.

T: What has been a sour moment in your life and how did you move past it?

Throughout the lows and highs in life, a chill beat and some good lyrics can help you vibe out the situation. We recently came across the artist group SourLife and had an opportunity to speak with Melchizedek. His unique bounce sound allows one to vibe out and has made him to be someone to look out for. Growing up in Kirkland, Washington, Melchizedek fell in love with music in high school and never looked back since.

T:What has been the best advice you have received that you feel has kept you grounded through your career?

S: “Success isn’t owned it’s rented, and rent is due everyday”.

T:You grew up in a home filled with music. What was the moment you knew you feel in love with it and wanted to do it for real?

S: I fell in love with music when I first saw the Gin N Juice video from Snoop, but the moment I knew I wanted to do it for real was during the Roca Fella reign in the early 2000’s.

T:How do you allow your spiritual wisdom to guide you though your music process?

S: In a lot of ways, I let my higher self take control and move naturally through the energy.

T:Who would you say are the biggest influences on your sound?

S: Andre3000, Nate Dogg, kid Cudi, New Jack Swing, ODB and Rem Dawg aka ( Pierre Hugley).

T: You have expressed an interest in fashion. Do you think you will be working on a line anytime soon? If so, what would your direction or theme be?

S: My direction would be street urban with a bit of grunge 90’s feel. Who knows, I might call it bad Friends!? [Also] building and reaching a bigger demographic of people with the SourLife brand and merch, touring,  and making a lot of dope ass music while creating new relationships throughout the process.


T:In your song, “Dawg S***”, you proclaim that “niggas know that I’m a poet”. Do you like to read poetry as much as you like to write?

S: I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a poetry reader. but I do have a clear understanding on its relation to the art of songwriting and it’s poetry like foundation….

T:What is your mind set and intentions for 2019?

S: My mindset is no let up, out work everyone, understand what your purpose is, and be true to who you are and continue to make dope ass content.

T:Any writing that has inspired you lately?

S: Astro world by Travis Scott! I love how that was put together. rather it was sonically or the writing itself. Also there’s some metaphysical books I’ve been reading that are very inspirational.

T:Can you explain more what SourLife/Openbox is? How did all you come together?

S: It all started with Open Box ( Box symbolizing the mind ) Open Box! [That] is what Brodie, Pierre who’s no longer with and I were running around calling ourselves in high school which continued a couple years after us meeting Dre’Leez and Dula who is currently incarcerated. The brand was later revamped and changed to SourLife which had a more thought provoking and hip message meaning Surviving Our Urban Reality Life! We’ve since then haven’t looked back.

You can check out and listen to all of SourLife/Open Box dope tracks on Soundcloud

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