Toronto’s Hidden Talent: Introducing Leondro

Toronto has produced many great talents. From RnB to rap to pop, Canada is full of musicians who’ve already hit their mark or are waiting for their big break. To make it as an artist, you must have diversity and that is exactly what Hip-Hop artist Leondro is endowed with. Leondro is an artistic blend of RnB, hip-hop, and dance. His music has allowed him to receive awards and nominations such as Best New Artist; Album of the Year; Video of the Year & Songwriter of the Year at the CUT Hip-Hop Awards as well as a nomination for the Best Urban Artist at the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

Check out Leondro’s interview with True magazine below.

-Let’s talk about your hometown Toronto. How did your home shape you as the artist and person you are today?

How does it not shape you! Where you’re from is your environment people you know, everything you do in between, it’s every experience you’ve had so it’s really hard for it not to shape you into who you are.

-What was life like growing up in Toronto?

In my particular environment, it was stressful, and fun at the same time. I remember going to funerals in the morning, and playing tag in the evening. Drugs and violence was normal within my surroundings

-When did “music” begin for you? Take us back to the first time you picked up a microphone?

That was a really monumental moment in my life, and because of that I based my super big video around that. If you watch that, it brings a lot of clarity to what my beginning was like.

-Who are some artists you grew up listening to?

Puff and the whole bad boy camp, the fugees, Jay Z, Dipset, Project pat, Gucci mane, Rick Ross, Jeezy, T.I, 50 cent! All these artist influenced the music I make today.

-What artists are you currently listening to now?

The exact same people!

-What’s the inspiration behind your self-titled project Leondro? What’s a track on Leondro that hits close to home for you?

Putting together a body of work for people to hear my music. That’s all any artist ever wants! ALL OF THEM, from the fun times I had to stories about a stressful childhood. It’s all in the music!

-You recently got off tour with Peter Jackson on his Married to Success Eastern Canadian Tour. What was that experience like?

Great! It gave me an opportunity to touch the fans in different cities and share my stories and experiences through a great stage show.

-Will you be doing anymore touring for the new year?

I most definitely will be! We have some things in the works, but fans will have to stay tuned and check my website for Theh postings.

-Is there any city you haven’t performed in that you would like to?

Yes! Every city I haven’t performed.

-We’re already in the new year. How would you describe 2016 for you?

A roller coaster! Ups, downs, but overall a great experience.

-What were your new year’s resolutions, if any?

None, doing better is a conscious decision I make everyday.

-What is the best advice you’ve ever given and received?

I can’t answer that question, because every Gem I’ve been given is the best for the situation I’m in. And the best part is, I’m still learning.

-Is there anything else you would like to say/add?

Yes, I would really like to thank you for this opportunity to be on your platform. Again my goal is to touch every person and share my stories and experiences this has given me more reach and for that I am grateful.

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Interviewed by: Simone Grant

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