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Trae The Truth Talks About Signing With T.I And Grand Hustle. Never Leaving Houston & His Relationship With The Jadakiss/Styles P And The Lox.

TRUE Magazine talks with Trae The Truth about becoming the ‘go to guy’ in his city. What does it mean after all these years of grinding to finally represent your city in this new Hip Hop age. TRUE Magazine asked Trae The Truth about is relationship with Jadakiss, Stlyes P, and Currency. Who He just opened up for on the Jet Life Tour in Houston TX. Trae The Truth talks about holding Houston down to the last breath and people think because he made it, that he’s moving out of Texas. Well That’s not the Case. TRUE Magazine also asked Trae The Truth about Signing with T’I’s Grand Hustle Label. Check The interview below.


Futuristic Blogger: Trae What’s going on?

Trae The Truth: Yeah Yeah, What Good homie?

Futuristic Blogger: Appreciate you doing this interview with TRUE Magazine. Let me ask you man, last week you were at the warehouse in Houston Texas with Styles P and Curren$y, Y’all opened up the Jet Life tour there in Houston. Tell me about the and How does it feel to be the Go to guy in your city??

Trae The Truth: I mean you know it, It most defiantly a blessing. Styles P is like a brother and Curren$y the homie too. So I really be out there for support.

Futuristic Blogger: No doubt, That’s what’s up!! Speaking on Styles P and the Lox, I notice you on Jadakiss new Mixtape ‘the Consignment’ On a track called “We Getting Money”. Tell me about that track man.

Trae The Truth: You Know I had a track called, ‘Getting Paid” with Wiz Khalifa. And Jada Loved the track a lot. Jada said I’m going to have to touch that track sooner or later. So I was like F*ck it,  Let’s do a remix. The crazy thing about it, he was actually flipping it. Meaning tongue twisting. And You know that Aint never really been Jadakiss style. Yeah, That was Crazy.

Futuristic Blogger: Yeah man, we definitely enjoying Jada Kiss new Mixtape ‘the Consignment’ and your track “We Getting Money”. Y’all make sure to check it out and download it. It’s the summer banger.

Still speaking about Jadakiss. Like I said you were just on stage with Styles P as well. Tell Me about The Lox. Obviously you are a fan of the Lox. Tell me how long you been a fan of the Lox. And how did y’all even Collab?? You know, in the Industry.

Trae The Truth: I mean you know, I’m a TRUE person who loves music. I always been a fan of the Lox. They do their thing and we can relate. They just from another hood, another state. Most of the time, Same shit goes on in every hood. So by far, we just related. I don’t remember exactly when we linked up. I know the first record we ever cut was called “Smile”.  That was a real Big track, and you know from there, them just my partners mane. Whatever I do I try to keep Jada and Styles included. And Whatever they do, They hit me up. Whatever they need handle, whatever they need me to do. We got a video coming off called “We getting Money” . That video already been shot, so we working.

Futuristic Blogger: You everywhere right now. You on the new Future album “Pluto” right Now on a track called long live the Pimp.

Trae The Truth: We shooting a video for that. We going to shoot the video for that in Houston. That’s going to be a crazy Crazy record. Shooting that video in Houston. Me and T.I got a.. Shout out Tip. you Know I’m ABN/Grand Hustle now. We got a lot of records getting ready to come out. We got a record with Me, TI and Ludacris. So you know man we working.

Futuristic Blogger: Man, You going in this year Trae The Truth. That’s definitely what’s up. The “Let it Go” Freestyle and video doing real well on the internet. It got the internet going crazy. One last question.

Since signing with Grand Hustle, How has it change for you? I know you are a hustler, and you stay on your grind. How has the grind change for you?

Trae The Truth: I think that, I always keeping the same mentality. It’s always more work for me to do. Because if it get to comfortable, I’m not working enough.  So it’s by far much more work for me to do. I’m really out here to make the world a believer. Some How Some Way.

Futuristic Blogger: Right, Right. For everybody who is not following my homie Trae The Truth on Twitter Y’all make sure y’all follow my man’s Trae The Truth on Twitter @ TRAEABN

Trae The Truth: Yeah, Yeah That’s @ TRAEABN follow me, cause I always keep you posted on what I got going on.

Futuristic Blogger: No doubt, one  last question. Last week you tweeted. ‘I dont know why people think, because I got a deal I’m going to leave Houston. Get this shit clear, I am Houston man.

Trae The Truth: You know cause I work a lot. I move around from City to city, to State To State. You know to the shallow mind, They think Oh ‘Trae got a deal, he ain’t going to be out here No more’. I’m like nah, I ain’t never leaving Houston. PERIOD!! You know even when I have to get up and go out of town or work a lot, I’m still rooted here. You know, I’m going to get it together. I’m going to balance it out.  Cause Houston is where I’m at to the Death.

Futuristic Blogger: Before we go, one last time, let everybody know we can expect from Trae The Truth the next couple of days, weeks, months and this year.

Trae The Truth: ABN  Renegade is in stores right now. You can go coup that. That’s most definitely my most prize possession right now. I got the video I’m on 2 getting ready to come out.  Actually I got 8 videos about to be released. They gone have to get ready for me.  It’s coming Mane. Download my I AM TRAE App. For your IPhones and Androids. It keeps you updated on everything.

Futuristic Blogger: Thank You my brother for doing this Interview with TRUE Magazine.

TRUE Magazine Throw Back Issue with TRAE on the cover – Click Here


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