TRUE Exclusive Interview: Charly “Max B” Wingate – Pardon the Wave Rapper Charly “Max B” Wingate Fighting for a Retrial

Former Dipset member Charly “Max B” Wingate currently faces a seemingly harsh 75 year prison sentence after being found guilty of 9 of 11 counts he was charged with stemming back to a theft turned robbery turned unintentional murder in 2006.  Due to various discrepancies, including the testimony of his former girlfriend, Gina Conway. (who was present during the debacle) in which she states that Wingate was not even present at the time of the crime. Charly Wingate along with his lawyers, friends and family, are requesting an appeal.

Wingate’s original appeal was denied on August 30, 2012.  Max B’s wife started a petition at, titled “Pardon the Wave.”  The collective effort is being made to acquire four million signatures in hopes of getting the attention of either New Jersey governor Chris Christie, or U.S. President Barack Obama.  The current posted number of signatures on the petition is 12,432.

Charly Wingate is not seeking to bypass the law, rather he is seeking to uphold it and exercising his right to an appeal.  Wingate’s supporters are asking that TRUE’s readers take some time to familiarize themselves with Charly’s case and cause and that they support his right to an appeal by signing the Pardon the Wave petition (click the link below).

TRUE was able to connect with Charly “Max B” Wingate recently to touch base.


Good morning Charly.  First off, what is most pressing on your mind and heart to share with those reading?

I need the people to support the petition. Pardon the Wave backs me up and with the help of the fans, I can get justice.


Are you in good spirits about the hope that Pardon the Wave provides as you pursue a retrial?

Yes, I am eligiabe for a Post Conviction Relief and so far PTW has helped me grab attention [for] my wrongful conviction situation. Currently the only people in my corner are my mom and my wife.


How can TRUE readers support your cause?

The petition signatures, and by actually writing the Gov. of NJ, Chris Christie:

Office of the Governor

PO Box 001

Trenton, NJ 08625

This all will help raise the awareness that is needed in order for me to get a fair trial.


On an artistic note, when fans purchase your music under the moniker “Max B”, does that money go toward supporting your Pardon the Wave efforts?

I am currently signed to Amalgam Digital and all iTunes downloads should be through my label.  The Pardon the website will soon have music accessible for download as well.  People can also donate to me straight by writing me or paypal to [email protected].


Speaking of your music, are you currently still working on any music?

I dropped a mixtape, “American Wave,” recently and I have two new tracks on there, You Don’t Want It feat. French Montana, Rob Cash, and Fat Joe.  I also have a new song, Keep Your Head to the Sky. and/or both have them up and running.  Though I am locked up, I have about 200 unheard tracks.  I am looking to get with a new label as I fight my case and actually put out some new tracks.


Does focusing on music help to alleviate some of the stress and difficulty that is surround your current situation?

Yes, It does.  I still have that twinkle in my eye; I can make songs like its nothing. It is a gift from God. Speaking of God, he helps me cope.


Other artists are supporting you as well, right?  Recently Jay Z shouted you out in his verse on Rick Ross’ 3 Kings – how does it feel to know that you have others in the game supporting you?

I want to shout out Shyne Po, Gudda Gudda, Fred the Godson, Gain Greene and Styles P, just to name a few who have signed the petition and share in on my fight.  I am flattered Jay Z paid homage.  One of my dreams is to spit over a Dr. Dre beat. I mean people are screaming “free Max B” and I am thankful, but I need legal help so I can return to hip hop at once.  This fight is real, and I mean I gave that wave and all but the bigger picture is that I don’t want to die in prison!


Well we want you to know that you have our support.  Any last thoughts you’d like to leave TRUE with?

Yes, I want everyone to know I did my part in this game, [and now] a nigga needs help.  It’s more to it than the eye can see. I had a fundraiser Nov 16th, in NYC and only my real niggas came out, Dour, Mak Mustard, TP, Al Pac, Styles P, K.A.R.  I hate to know people know a nigga sitting up in here struggling and nobody supporting!  But please sign the petition and reach out to Pardon the Wave for anything MAX B. Any Label looking to sign me contact my family at [email protected].  I am just tryna hit the town again, raise my kids, feed my family and do what I do best, make hits.

If you would like to support Charly “Max B” Wingate, please click the following links:


Peace and Love,



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