TRUE Magazine I GOT NEXT: Sits with Young Duse


Where did or can you say Young Duse originated from and why did you choose Hip Hop?

-Young Duse originated from my dad & I having the same name. I am Ronald II (second) so I just changed that to “Duse” (deuce) and put young in front.

-I chose Hip Hop because I love everything about it. It has been a part of my life since I was a kid.

Who gave you the name Young Duse and will you be like Bow Wow as you get older in the game and drop the young out of it?

-I gave myself the name. Yes, I will drop the young out of my name as I get older because I won’t be a young rapper in the game anymore so as I mature so will my name.

You’re from Reno, Nevada what’s the Hip Hop scene like out their?

The Hip Hop scene in Reno, NV. is pretty non-existent except for the Bay Area natives that brought their music here.

What is Hip Hop to you?

Hip Hop to me is good music, competition to see whose music is hotter and trying to be on top. Growing up my vision or idea of Hip Hop came from watching Bay Area rappers like The Lunizs, E-40, The Delinquents, Too Short and B-Legit. I admired the fact that their style was so different than other West Coast rappers. Their lyrics and independence made you believe that you didn’t need a major record label backing you to do good music and become famous. That to me is true Hip Hop.

Since Hip Hop is your love what could you do without in Hip Hop that you feel will make it better?

I don’t believe that there is anything in Hip Hop that can be taken away because everyone has their own unique style that makes Hip Hop what it is today. But if I had to pick one thing it would be the unhealthy beefs between rappers. Like the beef between Tupac and Biggie cost them their lives whereas the beef between Kanye and 50 Cent was merely a competition between two colleagues that not only increased their record sales but also advanced their careers.

Your song with YG is a dope song who came up with the concept and why did you feel YG was the best fit for that one song?

I came up with the concept for that song. It was already done before he got on the track. I chose to have him on it because I feel like our lyrical styles are similar and felt like he could give the song an extra kick.

What do you plan on adding to the Hip Hop community lyrically, mentally and for yourself?

Lyrically I plan on adding positive music that kids and adults can enjoy.

Mentally I would like to help spread the message to other young cats like myself that we can all achieve the same type of success without killing each other to get it. And that by helping support each other’s craft we can continue to bring great music to the world.

As for myself, I plan on growing lyrically as an artist, reaching other audiences outside of Hip Hop by crossing over in to main stream.



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