TRUE Mixtapes: Jewlez Milla – PentHouse View Mixtape


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PentHouse View (Prod. By. CavStar)

[audio:|titles=1-01 Track 01]

Above N Beyond (Skit)

[audio:|titles=1-02 Track 02]

Mazel Tov

[audio:|titles=1-03 Track 03]

Dreams (Skit)

[audio:|titles=1-04 Track 04]

Rite @ Home (Prod By Jinx Beats)

[audio:|titles=1-05 Track 05]

Haters (Skit)

[audio:|titles=1-06 Track 06]

Tell Me Nothing (Prod. By. Black Light Productions

[audio:|titles=1-07 Track 07]

Don t Wanna Lose (Prod. By. Bravestarr)

[audio:|titles=1-08 Track 08]

Consistency (Skit)

[audio:|titles=1-09 Track 09]

No Break Light$

[audio:|titles=1-10 Track 10]

Haunted House (Prod .By. Bravestarr)

[audio:|titles=1-11 Track 11]

Better Call Me ( skit )

[audio:|titles=1-12 Track 12]

Dejavu (Prod by. BraveStarr)

[audio:|titles=1-13 Track 13]

Nice Time Ft. Strap  (Prod. by. BraveStarr)

[audio:|titles=1-14 Track 14]

Tell Me Its Mine (Prod. By. Jay K and Dj Tank)

[audio:|titles=1-15 Track 15]

Fly Service Announcement

[audio:|titles=1-16 Track 16]

In My Zone Ft Da Young Fellaz T (Prod. By. Bravest

[audio:|titles=1-17 Track 17]

Louder (Prod. By. Cooarri)

[audio:|titles=1-18 Track 18]



About: Jewlez Milla

When describing jewlez Milla it is hard not to mention the words humble, passionate, dedicated, witty and consistent. Jewlez Milla has taken the underground scene by storm since emerging into the circuit late Fall 2009. Jewlez Milla is a mix of Mase and Fabolous word play over some soulful instrumentals with a big daddy kane and Q-Tip charismatic mix with a side of Eric b and Rakim. Jewlez Milla is a fast rising star from Harlem, With His laid back flow and smooth delivery, the music circuit is comparing the jewlez Milla to some big names in Hip-Hop like Mase and Fab. However; the Harlem artist feels “in the business of music people are going to compare you to whom ever its the artist job to earn their name along with their individuality”. Jewlez Milla’s Music is feel good music, slick metaphors and punch lines with his own witty way of putting words together makes him a strong song writer and he’s only getting better

Facebook: Jewlez Milla      Twitter:  FlyteClubJewlez

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