Walmart removes shirt suggesting that journalists should be lynched?

Talk about taking fashion a bit TOO far in the absolute WORSE way. Walmart has recently removed a T-shirt off their website because of how offensive and violent it was. If you do not know, on the Walmart website, you can purchase items from third-party vendors such as clothing, accessories, etc. You can even order a knock-off “Pablo” t-shirt inspired by Kanye West’s line. Crazy, right? Well not nearly as crazy as this nonsense.

A company called Teespring offered a T-shirt that read “Rope. Tree. Journalist.” Which was printed on a black shirt in white and followed by “Some Assembly Required.” Which was printed in red. The Radio Television Digital News Association gave Walmart a heads up about it. Once word spread, Walmart immediately took the T-shirt off their website, claiming that it “Clearly violates our policy” according to

The actual first spotting of this shirt was a year ago (2 days prior to Election Day) at a Trump gathering. It was being worn by a Trump supporter. The shirt was removed off the Teespring website due to the bad publicity but was later placed on the Walmart website just recently for the retail price of $22.95 and had the audacity to promise it’s delivery by Christmas Eve! This isn’t even Teespring’s first rodeo of offensive apparel. They had a shirt with an actual Swastika on it but it was removed.

Fortunately, the offensive T-shirts were removed from the website of Walmart and Teespring. This is a terrible attempt at trying to be funny or set a fashion trend. Fashion is all about self-expression but not in this way. It is supposed to help represent your image and even bring others together. It shouldn’t be called fashion or apparel. Hopefully they learned their lesson and channel that energy into making something positive their customers can rock because hate won’t ever win in this industry.


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