Clues or Coincidence? The Drake Dominican Conspiracy

Whether you heard about it or not this is actually a thing. People believe that the (supposed) Toronto native is actually of Dominican heritage. It joins the long list of conspiracy theory one finds on the net, where suspicious and often sinister details about celebrities lives’ surface, and are put into the context of being part of a worldwide deception (for whatever reason). This is really nothing new, anybody that’s heard of the internet, has heard of some these no question. This particular conspiracy is not so sensational in that it is not an accusation of involvement in anything shady or dangerous. It’s just as it reads, people think that Drake is not being forthright in some regard, to his true origin. This has it’s points or “evidence” (if we wanna go there). In “Started from the Bottom” there’s a quick flash of him holding up the Dominican flag. He did a song with the most popular Bachata singer, Romeo Santos, in the style of Bachata (the popular music of the people) , with no Hiphop style production. In the intro to the “No Shopping” video with French Montana he imitates a Dominican news reporter. Oh yeah something about his hands or something too. Something about the hair also I recall. Isn’t he an actor too? Maybe it’s all adding up. After all, its’ not the first time he has been less than honest with us, using those ghostwriters for instance. Whatever! If it came out that he was Dominican in his lineage would there be any reason for suspicion?drake-french-montana-640x247 Or.. Is it not possible that Drizzy just got love for the DR? Do you have to be from here to big it up in your video? Do you gotta be a citizen for it to have a special place in your heart? It is so hard to understand that this tropical island with beautiful beaches, friendly people, luxury resorts and properties, can make an impression on someone famous? Lets not also forget that this island is a second home to many other celebrities and public figures. Maybe some more credit should be given to the Dominican Republic as worth claiming without pulling out that “C” word…

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