Get to Know: Hazey Taughtme… The Mild Mannered Entertainment Manager (TRUE Magazine Exclusive)

If you haven’t heard of Freeway Rick Ross, he’s the motivational speaker, social equity advocate, and cannapreneur, who changed his image from former drug kingpin, to published best selling writer, documentarian, and community advisor. During this persona conversion, the man working the magic has been Hazey Taughtme. (@Hazeytaughtme) Haze saw the opportunity to work with Freeway and moved in on the idea of being Ross’ manager.

Hazey had a similar story to Rick and felt it was only right to be the one that revamps his image. He was also arrested and convicted on felony charges, and served time in prison. After reading about Rick Ross’ story in prison, Haze seized an opportunity to speak with Ross, after he flew to Detroit with the sole purpose of meeting him. It was during this appearance that Haze got the chance to speak with Ross, and uttered to him, “I am what you need to reboot your image.” Working alongside concert promoter Greg Walker, Haze was no stranger to the industry. To this day, his client list continues to grow. He spreads his time between working with N.D.I.C.A. (National Diversity & Inclusion Cannabis Alliance) and other companies with an entrepreneurial spirit. Hazey has also co-created the “Official Untold Autobiography,” managed Rick Ross’ 2017 national book tour, arranged a number of speaking engagements, and is currently in the process of presenting Ross’ upcoming movie to a few media outlets.

For 2018, the busy world continues to expand for Haze, as he recently opened ‘Haze Entertainment’ as well as added SUPERAD BRAND, INC. (the cannabis and lifestyle brand a number of celebrity influencers) to the books.

What’s in the future for Hazey? The month of April seemed to have cooked up some interesting partnerships and collaborations. Hazey recently posted on Instagram a photo alongside the beautiful @traceyeedmonds (former wife of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and current partner of Deion Sanders).

He has been conversing about the future, as well as reminiscing with @freewayricky. Photo sessions have been taking place and movie deals are being made.

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