Before you read. We at TRUE want you to know that this is NOT an attack on Diddy’s character or the great moves that he has made as a mogul… we are simply stating #FACTS

10. Carl Thomas

Carl Thomas was part of the infamous Bad Boy records empire back in the day. Equiped with much talent. Carl never received the push that his career needed to become a superstar. It was said that for the longest, he was just sitting dormant waiting for the go ahead from the label to drop his album. At this time, Carl was close to broke, or at least broke in the eyes of industry professionals. Eventually, Carl Thomas album was released, unfortunately, it was right around the time of the Club New York shooting. After his debut album “Emotional” did quite well, Carl never regained the forefront exposure that he deserved.

9. Black Rob

Real hip hop heads remember the banger “Woah” from Black Rob. One of the hardest tracks and beats of the early 2000’s. A few years back, Rob was seen heavy in the blogs claiming that Bad Boy had “left him for dead after his bid in prison. He claims while he was in jail, Bad Boy even went as far as taking his name off of their website. While most would say it’s a money situation between him and Diddy, Rob insists that he had and still has money. That it was a respect thing with him. “They did nothing to keep my name alive,” claims Rob, which if we all look back into those years, he may be right. Personally, I think that his album “The Black Rob Report” was dope, even though he didn’t receive much publicity for it. But then again, who else from this list has?

8. Danity Kane

Since they first got in the game, Danity Kane was said to be breaking up. Coming from being put together from a reality show, they were already on the wrong track to superstardom. But hey, would you give up a chance to be on TV and signed to one of the biggest moguls in hip hop? I think not. Danity Kane did eventually earn a number 1 album, however, they too never ended up being as big as tv watchers thought they would. Aubrey, who would eventually end up being the only break out star, along with Dawn would end up being the only 2 that semi lasted through some kind of career. With Dawn now apart of Diddy’s self included group Dirty Money, Aubrey has officially fell off of the map. This may actually have been a good move for her though. One by one Danity Kane members would drop off and become just another story connected to the so called “Bad Boy Curse.”

7. Faith

The wife of one of the greatest rappers of all time, Faith Evans was the first r&b artist signed to Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy label. After marrying Biggie just a few weeks after they met at a Bad Boy photo shoot, Faith was at that time one of the biggest and most promising r&b singers during that time. She has collaborated with Mary J Blige, Carl Thomas, and J- Lo to name a few. Due to Puff’s lack of interest in pushing her album “Faithfully,” in 2004 she left the label in and signed with Capitol Records. Through her Capitol Records release The First Lady she has scored at number two on the Billboard 200 and #1 of the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts back in 2005. In 2012, Evans joined the cast of TV One’s reality show R&B Divas next to Monifah, Keke Wyatt, Nicci Gilbert, and Syleena Johnson. Though she is sort of back in the spotlight from the show, and she had a smash album back in 2005, Faith never became the next Queen of R&B as people said that she would.

6. Da Band

The original “lets form a hip hop supergroup and film it for a reality show” group Da Band never really got off the ground as a group or in their solo careers neither. Not too many groups have made it to superstardom outside of joining the cast of a superstar making reality show. With eternal beef between them and beefing with Diddy, they never got the shine that they deserved. During season 3 of the show, Diddy dismembered the group into sub groups and solo artists. Chopper, Ness and Babs were kept around, and Diddy would split them up into a group of Babs and Ness, and Chopper as a solo artist. Eventually, Babs and Chopper decided to leave the group, while Ness would stay and be a writer for Diddy on his 2006 album, “Press Play.’ They still make music individually, but I think it’s safe to say that once the fans become accustomed to you being on a reality show, there is no way to convert to being a solo artist in the hip hop game, that happens only in pop music and country. #DEAD

5. 112

Just when Diddy’s label Bad Boy was on top of the game, he went and signed Atlanta group 112. They were heavily talked about as the next Boyz 2 Men. Their smash singles, “Cupid,” “Come See Me,’ “Only You,” “Anywhere,” “U Already Know,” and their Grammy nominated single “Peaches and Cream,” solidified them as the next group that would rule the game for a long time, but no no. In 2002, after they became convinced that there was no interest to push their music over at Bad Boy,112 signed a deal with Def Jam’s sister label Def Soul. They have never gained back their momentum from their Bad Boy days. Also in 2002, the group broke up from financial issues and claims of money being stolen by one of the group members. Q, Slim, and Daron still work together, however, Mike said there was no animosity between the group members but he won’t deal with them business wise. Now, we can’t accredit Diddy with this one 100%, but we can say that if they had the push from the label that they needed, they would have had a better chance at longevity.

4. Cassie

Next, we take a look at r&b singer Cassie. Initially, she was signed to Ryan Leslie and even dated him for about 2 years. Then, Ryan Leslie was able to convince Diddy to form a partnership with his label NextSelection Lifestyle Group and Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment. Since her couple of songs (which I find myself secretly singing on the low when I hear them) “Long Way to Go,’ and “Me and You” Cassie hasn’t had much success as a solo artist. She has been overshadowed by just being Diddy’s permanent side piece trophy. Recently, there were rumors of her and Diddy getting married, which we won’t hold our breath for. A few years ago, Cassie was all over the tabloids because of her new half shaved hairstyle that she started rocking. Personally, I find it sexy. However, the critics went crazy with questions like “what were you thinking?” Now, girls all over the country feel more comfortable shaving the sides of their heads, which should be accredited to Cassie. Though she is very talented and continues to make music, we have yet to see her career blossom as we wished it would, coincidence?

3. Shyne

Now, on to the most controversial signing of them all, Shyne Po. Back in 1999, and a few years off of the murder of Biggie Smalls, Shyne was once pinpointed out for sounding just like Biggie. We all can hear his voice on the classic track “Bad Boyz” and compare his voice to BIG’s. During that year, while P Diddy (as his name was then) was dating one of the top females in the game, Jennifer Lopez (or as she alter-ego’d into during her hip hop career, J-Lo) there was a shooting at a nightclub in NY, in which Shyne was held responsible for. As a gangsta, Shyne took the rap for Diddy assuming that Diddy would hold him down once he was released, bad move. Immediately after Shyne’s release, Shyne was deported back to his home country of Beliz. He continued to make music, but never regained the spark that he once had on Bad Boy. In recent years, we have seen Shyne pop up in youtube videos talking crazy religious. Most recently Shyne spoke on his dislike for west coast newcomer Kendrick Lamar’s debut album “Good Kid, Maad City.’ Shyne was immediately repremanded by Compton rapper, the Game. As of now, Shyne continues to make music here and there, but unfortunately, his Shyne has become a lot of bit dimmer.

2. The LOX

OK, OK, real hip hop heads remember the “Let the Lox go” campaign years ago when The LOX were trying desperately to get out of their contract with Bad Boy. Initially, The contract they had signed as young emcees trying to get into the game stated that Puff would receive 50% of their royalties FOR LIFE. This is a big no no in the hip hop game, however, what else are you going to do when you are tying to get into the game and one of the biggest influences in the hip hop world who has 2 of the biggest artists at the time is going to sign you? You sign on that dotted line. At a NY concert, the Lox sported “Let the LOX go” t-shirts on stage, which sparked the “Free the LOX” campaign. Even after it was blatant that the LOX would be better off signing with Ruff Ryders, who always were the groups managers anyway. The only albums that they dropped as a group were the shiney suited “Money, Power, Respect,’ which went platinum, and the street classic “We Are the Streets.’ We have all been waiting for the next LOX album, which has basically become compilations by their own record company D- Block. While we don’t hear much music from Sheek as we do from Styles P and Jadakiss, fans are still checking for all 3 of them. Styles has been named the “hardest emcee in the game,’ which Kiss is still one of the most respected lyricists and sought out emcees to boost your project. As Jadakis said, “niggaz throw us on their album to try to boost their sales.’ I’m glad that The LOX was finally let go.

1. Mase

Remember Murder Mase? The Harlemite who recently popped up on the GOOD Music track “Higher” and killed it. The guy that people compared to Jay-Z lyrics wise at one point. The one who left the rap game to become a preacher, came back and almost signed with G- Unit. The guy who beefed with Cam’ron and Jim Jones, years after bringing Killa Cam to Biggie, which got Cam his initial deal with Untertainment. Well, we all know that once upon a long time, he was one of the dopest rappers on the Bad Boy roster. He used to write for Diddy back when Bad Boy ruled the game. Who recalls when Mase popped up at an Atlanta radio station demanding that Diddy release him from his contract, and Diddy agreed. Now, we may have recently heard rumors that Mase is thinking about signing with Kanye West’s GOOD Music label and is even interested in working with Drake. We think that this would be an extra good look since GOOD Music is at the top of the game right now. Then again, Bad Boy was too the last time he inked a contract. As your prevous studio album was titled, Welcome back.

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