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Exclusive International I GOT NEXT: Nesha Te’ree

Welcome to the states music wise, I have heard some music and you got something going. Who are your American musical influences?
Thank you Darlin, for the positive love. To answer your question, My influences would be, 2pac, Biggie, Lauren Hill, Missy Elliot, Likin Park and of course lil Kim that i can think off right off the back but of course there are many more.

What are you bringing to the table that isn’t out there in music today?
I think that everyone has something different to bring to the table and i bring rawness and honesty in my songs. I am very true to who i am and what i feel in my music and i think thats something that is very hard to find in an artist these days.

Do you feel that Sean Paul paved the way for music like yours to really break in the states?

I think that he defiantly did, but also i would have to give to respect to those before him that also paved the way for many upcoming caribbean artists like myself.

Explain your view on Trance 9 your new single you got out today?

My single trance 9 is a fuze beteween techno, rap and caribbean pop. It’s a feel good weekend track that u can bounce to. It’s raw and very catchy.

What do you want someone to take from the song  after listening to it?

I want for my track to be that track that makes everyone dance and feel good. I work 9-5 and that’s the attitude that i have on a Friday (Party & Bullshit). I would like everyone to make this their Friday track. Nesha Te’ree

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