Wheels of Steel: Brooklyn Boy DJ Kevin Crown


TRUE: You grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn where you weren’t allowed to go outside much, do you think that created a work ethic in you that is all work and no play? How did that effect your ambiton to become a DJ?

KC: I do think it created an interest for sure, but I can’t say it created my work ethic at that age. All I knew was I just wanted something to do and when I saw my dad’s turntables I was immediately intrigued. So to pass time, I began to play music and then before I realized it, I was mixing music. It’s like the more time you spend with something the more you fall in love with it and that’s what it did for me. Thanks mom J

TRUE: You landed your first gig at the age of 16, how did the gig come about and what did it teach you about the business world?

KC: At the time I didn’t view it as my first gig because it was a friends party. The party was a couple blocks from my house. We literally took my DJ equipment and walked up the block, because we didn’t have a vehicle or anything like that. I was just happy to be playing in front of a crowd finally. I experienced a great moment when finally I wasn’t just playing for myself anymore, there were other people there. To watch them dancing and loving your music was a great feeling. This particular party didn’t teach me much yet about the business world, that lesson came later.

TRUE: Tell us where the concept for Natural Born Club Killa came from and what it means to you? How do you create a story with the order of the songs that you play?

KC: It’s really not anything interesting where the name came from. People used to always tell me I’m a natural at what I do. Then one day I was watching this movie called Natural born Killas and it hit me, I’m a natural born CLUB killa. I just started shouting out NBCK in every club, putting it on images then people started saying it, so I stuck with it. I create a story with my songs by trying to take people to a moment in time with each song. So for example, if I start playing a love song and it’s really about the first time they met etc…my next selection would be what happens next in a relationship whether good or bad and keep it going. It’s like walking them through a story, but only thing with music.


TRUE: You also do Tae Kwon Do, is there anyway that it ties into what you do as a DJ? if so, how?

KC: Tae Kwon Do teaches me patience and definitely helps me to focus. It teaches you fear is not an option, the enemy (in my case competition) smells fear. Once they are aware of your fear it puts you at a disadvantage, and with Tae Kwon Do you are always confident and ready for battle. DJing is a battle field and I am always ready.. You know what I mean.

TRUE: What other professions or hobbies are you into?

KC: I am very much so into fashion. Another name that was branded to me is the “urban rockstar”. I just like dressing the part in a certain way that sets me apart. So I started a t-shirt line called NBCK which really I started to help brand my name, but once I started wearing it to the club everyone was asking where can they get it. So then I started to make it for people, and now I have a movement. The NBCK movement. Life is definitely full of surprises.

TRUE: You have also tapped into the choreography field, tell us how knowing about body movement has transitioned into how you DJ if it has in any way.

KC: Coming from a dancing background, I naturally gravitate towards tunes that make you want to dance. So I like to play to make people want to keep dancing. Music is all about how it makes you feel at a certain point in your life, my job is to make you remember the time while bringing energy to the crowd.


TRUE: You don’t worry about what your competition is doing, how do you think that sets you apart from the other DJ’s? What are the benefits of not paying attention to them and just doing your own thing?

KC: When you start paying attention to other people you conform to what they are doing without even knowing. I don’t want to sound like anyone else, just want to go off my own inspiration so I can set myself apart. Now a days everyone sounds the same. The benefit of not paying attention is that negativity can bring you down and with great success come great battles. You just have keep on the battlefield and keep moving forward not looking behind or on the side of you, just straight ahead. I’m FOC– — USED MAN!!!

TRUE: Is there any set formula that you follow when trying to get the crowd going? What songs do you think will always get everyone hype no matter what?

KC: No set formulas. It’s just the crowd. You have to connect with your crowd. I arrive early to my events just to study them. That’s all it is. I can’t say a specific song, because it’s really about your audience. What’s crazy is that I think radio brainwashes a lot of people. If the radio keeps playing it, people eventually love it and it becomes a club banger. I try to really bring attention to songs that really are club bangers. You have commercial music then you have music.

TRUE: Right now, what songs are the crown rockers that guarentee that the people get the party jumping?

KC: It depends on the crowd so therr are no guarantees. I see DJ’s flop with big songs that is really hitting on the radio. It depends on DJ, its not about the songs. You have to know how to hype it up… You have to get the crowd involved, you have to make the crowd feel like they are apart of a show. Participation is key.


TRUE: If there was anything that you wish you had known from the beginning about the business side of DJing, what would it be? What experience made you learn that lesson?

KC: Don’t trust somebody doing the same thing you are doing because it is a very cut throat business.  Sometimes when you are trying your best, and you’re not getting put on to certain situations its not because you’re not good enough, it’s because your too good so you shouldn’t question yourself.

TRUE: What are some of the most memorable experiences that you have had DJing? Give us your most memorable?

KC: I have a lot of memorable moments, like when I was teaching Jamie Foxx how to dance to the reggae song “pon di river”, but the most memorable for not just me but for everyone in the party was when a guy came to me and said I want you to help me propose to my girlfriend. She didn’t know it was going to happen, not even when I called her up on stage. So when he came up and got down on his knees all the girls just melted. She said yes a million times. At that moment I realized they will remember this for the rest of their lives and they chose me to be apart of it. Kevin Crown will always be a part of that couple’s life.

TRUE: What projects and ventures do you have coming up for 2013?

KC: Many things. For one, I have obtained new management. Some things I can’t really mention yet, but I was cast in a movie, production is suppose to start in late May. Just signed a huge contract and I am doing something real big for the New York Carnival this year, look out for announcements soon. I’m setting up my own promotions team, which will give me abilities to have my own functions once a month. Expanding my clothing line from t-shirts, to ladies dresses, and men’s underwear. Major things, and everyone can join my mailing list at kevincrownmusic.com follow me on instagram and twitter @kevincrownmusic facebook.com/naturalbornclubkilla for continuous updates on the Club Kill

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