There’s something about controversy that draws your attention into a situation, and if you can catch it at the right time or in the right light, a little Freeway discusses the similarities between running a Fortune 500 company and running a successful drug operation. Also touching on his new book project "Ridin' with Rick," an article

The man everyone is asking about lately. What's with the hair? What are your goals with music? Where did your sound come from?Watch Terror Squadian Fat Joe ask

[embed][/embed]   A look at some of the artists that have worked with TRUE Magazine. Past issues, interviews, and moments that we marked in history. Including Kanye West's first cover,   Something new and fresh. What the game has been missing is the back and forth wordplay. We don't realize it until its placed in our face like this.

What should we expect from the Grammys? The 60th Annual Grammy Awards were last night. In the Hip Hip categories, Kendrick Lamar cleaned house with little surprise—largely because he

The Black Eyed Peas have returned to their Hip Hop roots with their new single "Street Livin" and yes it's without Fergie. Check out the empowering music video below: [embed][/embed] The

Compoton rapper Jay Worthy and Canadian producer Sean House have returned as LNDN DRGS to release their new project Burnout 3. We heard from the duo less than a year

SoundCloud rappers get a bad reputation, but in the digital age there's no question that a massive influx of artists are getting their start on the streaming platform.